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  1. I would venture to guess the demographics at Mo West and Knox West would be very similar. I also know that when it comes to program continuity and setting a standard, Coach Brown is solid. From afar, I see a West team now that had some youth on the OLine and a QB who could play but also didn't have a ton of experience under his belt. Those two things alone will make for some offensive woes. I don't care who you are, or where the program is located. Defensively, they have a very good DC who is very well respected and puts guys in positions to be successful. I would say that the current situation at West is nowhere near "disgusting" and sounds like a sour grapes post to me.
  2. Double wing. Linemen foot to foot. Dive, motion toss, counter and waggle. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
  3. What is the breakdown of position coaches at D-B?
  4. What they did to Billy Seals tells me all I need to know about DB. They weren't interested in hiring the best available, they wanted the status quo. And it's a shame because JC is a good guy, but he's going to be the whipping boy.
  5. Exactly. He’s a disgrace to the coaching profession.
  6. Help kids? He tried to help kids? If this guy didn’t play in the NFL then half of the people clamoring for him would be actually reading the drivel he tries to spew on Facebook and laughing. Its a county school system that is vastly underfunded. It’ll be that way for as long as there is public education. But what is going on isn’t just in Washington county. It’s all around and even at the places you claimed he may be going to after this year. There’s ways to make differences. Throwing everyone under the bus because you dislike your situation isn’t an admirable thing. Not disclosing an issue you’re concerned with as far as drugs or weapons until you’ve been called on the carpet isn’t an admirable trait either. Anyone, and I mean anyone, wanting this guy in their program right now is foolish.
  7. Because he’s a bush league pot stirrer that isn’t worth the headache. He, and you all, can use the good ole boy thing as long as you want. If he truly wanted to make a dofference he would have made a positive difference. Instead he chose to act like a petulant child on Facebook.
  8. His days in secondary education are over. And yes I’m fully aware he isn’t a teacher. No one will touch him with a ten foot pole.
  9. Nick will do great. Much, much better man than the Facebook Child.
  10. When you spill a bunch of dirty laundry publicly and then drop alleged bombshells to your administration to try and save your own job... the admin will investigate those claims. They’re bound to, especially when the person making those claims is appearing to be unable to not click “Post.”
  11. But in the current situation it was warranted. He’s thrown everyone under the bus. Assistants, administration, you name it. Tough to allow practice when you don’t have a big pool to choose from to lead the practice with so many people under investigation.
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