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  1. so you're saying we are good to go?
  2. 1. Sequatchie, 2. Upperman, 3. Smith, 4. York and Cannon winner
  3. Alcoa must be down a lot this year because last year their cheerleaders were in the top 10 as well
  4. I think you are dead on with the community high school gets more support statement. You go to small towns across the state and the stands will still usually be full especially if there is a good team at the local high school. I went to the York/Oneida game in Jamestown the year before last (I graduated from York over 30 years ago and hadn't been to a game in 20 years) and it was like stepping back in time. It was almost the same as when I played. It was a pleasant surprise. I started going again because I had quit watching the NFL over the national anthem issues.
  5. I live midways between Cumberland County, Monterey, York, and Wartburg. I love to watch high school football and for the last couple of years obviously York was the only one worth going to. I saw the Grundy/York game last year and thought Grundy was horribly coached. They never adjusted to anything the whole game. What I'm saying is it may not just be the AD. I don't know the situation that good. Just my humble opinion.
  6. I know in some states if you win back to back titles you are required to go to the next classification.
  7. they lost their RB who rushed for nearly 2,000 yards.
  8. that site is down. who did they have in the top 10?
  9. They will be hands down the best team region 4 can put against them.
  10. can't get that page to open, who do they have in their top 10
  11. pretty well known that at a school like AE nobody wants to block. They all think they are skilled players, even the 6-5 320 lb. kid will say he is a TE.
  12. what has the AD done that is so bad? Not that familiar with the situation.
  13. why, what is the situation there?
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