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  1. just like Cookeville was better than Upperman, but they ended up on the wrong end of the score
  2. they were pretty good last year, but Loudon is the team to beat in that region this year. I think them and Red Bank will be playing in the qtrs. to see who gets to lose to Alcoa.
  3. Where are all the Squatch people? I can't believe there is no post for this game.
  4. it is much longer both by time and distance than any of the other routes. Hwy 127 from Crossville to Jamestown is awful to drive because so much work traffic between those towns as well. They have been going to build a new road through there for the last 25 years and we're still waiting.
  5. yes, through Oak Ridge to Deer Lodge or I-75 to Huntsville. Crossville is the worst and longest way to go to Knoxville from Jimtown
  6. Plateau Cafe by the Dollar Store
  7. you Upperman people. Your one undefeated season in school history is cute
  8. very true, extremely weak region this year. Upperman is the only team in Region 4 that has a chance to win a playoff game this year. It looks like Loudon and Redbank will be playing in quarters to see who gets beat by Alcoa.
  9. you must be an Upperman homer. I give him all the credit in the world for being a really good athlete and a very good DB, BUT HE CAN'T THROW
  10. the 18 team was solid, but far from the best of York. I guess that is a good example of prisoners of the moment. I can't think who #18 is? What position did he play?
  11. I didn't want to reply, but I couldn't stop myself Please, don't argue with me about York football history . I wouldn't even begin to try an tell you which Oneida team is best because I have no idea. Last year's York team wouldn't even qualify for the top 10 York teams ever. 64, 67, 68, 72, 78. 79, 80, 82, 87. 92, 07, 09, and even 17 was better than 18.
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