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  1. It’s all about the Benjamin’s in TSSAA’s eyes. Which ever city gives the most is going to get these games.....
  2. Small yes. Slow and weak, no way. I would like to know what you’re comparing their speed too? Looks to me like they had enough speed and strength to earn a spot in the championship game.
  3. It’d be the second for Springfield in 26 years. Championship that is
  4. I’m no way downing MC at all. I have much respect for yalls program and said as much when they beat the Jackets. It just ticks me off when people make comments that are irrelevant. Thanks again Lead for the support.
  5. The “we” he’s referring too is Marshall county. And sorry not trying to hijack yalls thread
  6. First things first. It’s a 4 year cycle, it’s impossible to know on a year to year basis what side of the bracket is going to be up or down. If you knew that, you need to be picking lotto numbers on the regular, you’d be rich in no time. Second, in your logic, since your team beat Springfield they would’ve run the tables in the west side of 4A. Instead they got put out by a team that they beat the first time they played them by the same margin they beat Springfield by. Yeah, real sound logic there hoss.
  7. Well you know what they say about opinions.....everybody has one and they all stink, including your’s. How’s the hard wood this time of year....
  8. When was the last time Elizabethton played for a state championship? Not won, but when they played for one? Just curious.
  9. I’ve never understood why some people get their feathers ruffled over things like this. To me it’s a professional athlete giving back to the community or area he/she is from. Paying it forward in a way. It’s gives the kids a chance to get exposure they might not have gotten somewhere else and learn from a professional at the same time.....smh
  10. When we played Greeneville 2 years ago, on Friday, that was the largest attended game of the championship weekend I believe. I say this time being on Saturday afternoon and good weather the Jackets side will be packed out. Plus Cookeville is only about a 2 hour trip for us.
  11. Thanks again for the great work you guys do! Really look forward to your show.
  12. I agree the Jackets can’t solely rely on the run game. They’ll have to pass in the game to keep the defense honest and not just stack the box. The last two playoff games Springfield was run heavy for a couple reasons imho. One being weather, very wet and muddy field conditions and two keeping the ball away from the opposing team’s offense. The last two teams they played had high power offenses, capable of putting up lots of point through the air and on the ground. They played keep away football and the defense bent but didn’t break.
  13. I don’t see the Cyclones being much more physical than the Jackets. Bigger yes. Physical no. Not saying the Cyclones aren’t physical, but I don’t see either of these teams being more physical than the other. It will be a battle.
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