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  1. That would be a yes.....Looks like my offensive question got answered, non existent. Looks like they’ve got A LOT of work to do.
  2. Yes, I do agree for the rest of the season you’ll see 9 and 42, probably a couple more just to give the two ways some rest. QB is my biggest concern, gotta get the ball out clean and crisp and limit the mistakes.......we’ll see
  3. No dawg in this fight, I’m taking East Robertson by 2 TD’s. Groves will all around be to much for Forrest to handle imho.
  4. Don’t really know what to expect out of tonight’s game. The jackets have a lot of unanswered questions on the offensive side of the ball; quarterback, running back, and some body to make plays on the outside. I’m sure the coaches Wilsons’ and the rest of the staff will put together a great game plan. I know Wilson Central has been less than stellar the past few seasons, but I’m sure they’re come out eager for a win. I’m going with he Jackets by 7
  5. Issues ehh......I’ve said a lot worse in a lot better places. I give you said name because you troll this page and say you hope they lose every game without any rhyme or reason. So Mr. “D”inosaur bag, who’s your team of choice. Please give an answer other than, “any one who plays Springfield”, and a reason other than I don’t like them.....I’ll wait
  6. First troll of the year, let’s see how long this dbag stays around...........
  7. Congrats Greeneville on a stellar couple of seasons, 2 gold balls and 30-0. Certainly impressive and well deserved. Best of luck to all the seniors going forward in their future endeavors!
  8. Thanks. Not our best game by far, but hey you guys earned it. Good luck
  9. Because you’ll have too, to have any chance to beat Greeneville. Your run game might work for a possession or two against them, but they will adjust better than any team you’ve seen this year. They are very good at taking away what you do best and forcing you to do something else.
  10. Congratulations to Haywood! Better team won last night. Good luck next week, you guys will need it.
  11. Yes imho. Hattie B’s is good, but Prince’s is the original hot chicken. For bbq, Jack Cawthon’s on Charlotte Ave
  12. Like the late great Al Davis said; “just win baby win”.......
  13. That’s true he opens up the game for a lot of people, kinda the same way #31 does for Haywood.
  14. I think his point is that Haywood is the favorite. They keep saying they’re the dogs
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