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  1. Brother they’re still living in 1980…….
  2. The actual quickest way from Paris to Portland is coming through exit 4 on 79 into an area you’re familiar with in Todd county then cut in across northern Robertson county via hwy 25 and hwy 52 right into Portland most direct route with ZERO traffic.
  3. I’m assuming, and I don’t like to do that, that’s exactly what that means. Plus our starting RB that’s been out since week 2 or 3.
  4. Westy got out played and out coached in all aspects of the game!
  5. Never been a big fan of this style offense, don’t like all the qb runs. Case in point this game, qb goes down the offense goes down…….ball game over.
  6. I use to work down town everyday 10-12 years ago now I only go every now and again. Use to be some long standing businesses south of broadway between 2nd and 12th…..now it’s all overpriced high rise apartments or condos. You can’t even find a patch of grass that somebody’s dog hasn’t crapped on anymore.
  7. That makes 2 of us……unless he’s inferring that there isn’t a “Clinic Bowl” any more
  8. I agree 100%. Being a Springfield fan, I do wish they would drop the Wilson Central/Rossview game and add one of the Nashville privates back on like MBA, Father Ryan, JPII etc. They would be great opponents and still bring a fairly good gate.
  9. Thanks, you guys been rolling right along yourselves this year
  10. NE #22 always impresses me with his play. watched him play last year as a sophomore at their place and sat next to some of his family in the grass seemed like nice folks. It’s a shame with his ability and NE size across the field they aren’t any better. With halfway better blocking #22 could be all state at RB
  11. Would love to see the defense put up another 0 tonight but don’t think that’s realistic with Northeast’s athleticism. I do think the Jackets win by 20+ points and keep rolling on….
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