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  1. Na bro…..he ain’t looking at winning a gold ball…..he just got the brakes beat off him. Not. Even. Close. Que the crickets from the Peabody faithful.
  2. Five. About 2 to many, but that’s a whole other subject.
  3. White House. Clarksville is the longest running game with Springfield played like 80 something times except for last year because of covid. But Springfield vs White House is a bigger rivalry imho. The schools are close and it use to be “the” game of the year. The stadium is always packed out when they play each other, no matter If it’s a home or away game. Sad part is they won’t play each other for whatever reason when they’re not in the same region.
  4. It’s been fun with all the HC posters this week. Glad to see these teams back playing every year again, at least for the next little bit. This will turn into a more competitive rivalry with how the program is now compared to previous years with the Wilson brothers being more established and the program back on solid ground. Once again safe travels to all the Henry county faithful and has always Go Jackets!
  5. You sir are a true Springfield troller, got the Blue Howse reference in there nice! If you know you know lol
  6. I personally like the Depot. Torino’s is another good place. They have the “Charlie’s” style steaks if you’re familiar with the old Charlie’s steak house that was in Oak Grove that burned several years ago. They also serve Italian food too
  7. No noise makers are allowed what so ever from either side, i got the email this morning. And yes there will be plenty of security usually 10-15 Robertson county deputies, probably more for This game with a big crowd.
  8. Probably not right at 6, but if you wait until 6:30…..you’ll be in line
  9. Both teams have had a heck of a season up to this point. Remember one group of seniors had there last football practice today, and that’s something they’ll remember from now on. Looking for a hard fought, injury free, game tomorrow night with the winner hopefully representing our region in Chattanooga. Safe travels from Paris and has always Go Jackets!
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