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  1. About like I expected it to be....game is over in the first qt.
  2. Great job Milan, be pulling for you guys in Cookeville!
  3. Congrats Haywood, hats off to Lexington for a great game. Haywood’s got to clean up those penalties tho.....got to get more disciplined!
  4. I agree about passing. The lack of passing really didn’t concern me, it was not calling off tackle and outside of the tackle run plays. Our speed in space has been dangerous all year, let them bounce it outside and see what happens. The last TD we had was ran off tackle for 60 yards......
  5. Exactly. They aren’t there and have been demoted to coach middle school ball.
  6. I very rarely talk about play calling or challenge the calls especially not knowing the exact game plan and in game situations .......but I totally agree with being too conservative. It was ridiculous to not run something other than between the tackles when it clearly WASN’T working, especially when your starting center is out due to contact tracing. You’ve got to loosen up and try to gain some yardage and help your defense, who was playing lights out and keeping you in the game. The defense just wore out late in the second half due to being on the field so much. IMHO the OC put the DC in a bad spot late in the game due to play calling. Hats off to Hardin county they never gave up even late and found a way to win. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  7. Congrats to Hardin County, great win for the program. I agree that was a classless move to just run off the field and not acknowledge the other team....piss poor in my book
  8. You said the most they’ve given up....125 was probably in the first game of the year. After that not many have run much one them and when they did it was usually on the Jv. I’d say an overall average on the year given up on the ground is around 50.....maybe
  9. Maybe 125 that’s just a rough questimate.......they haven’t given up much on the ground all year
  10. Safe travel to all the Hardin County faithful making the long trip tonight. The Jackets have got to keep hitting on all cylinders moving the ball and play iron curtain defense. It’s going to be a hard fought game tonight. Hope everyone from both sides comes out injury free. Go Jackets!
  11. How is Hardin County on special teams? Springfield’s pretty solid all the way around in all aspects of special teams. Kicker is great from 45 and in, punting is more consistent than it’s been in a long time. If the game is as close as most everyone believes it will be, it can very likely come down to special teams play.
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