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  1. Dexter10

    8AA Baseball

    Who won this game and score please
  2. Dexter10

    8AA Baseball

    Smith won the regular season who you got winning the tournament?
  3. Dexter10

    8AA Baseball

    Looks like smith and Macon are leading the district with Watertown coming on strong lately should be s interesting tournament with most teams having at least one good pitcher that could win on any given night
  4. Dexter10

    8AA Baseball

    Those two carried them to the state tournament last year two can get you there so who has multiple pitchers that are good?
  5. Dexter10

    8AA Baseball

    Cannon will be better expecteing a good year and so does Watertown. Smith has some returning pitchers but lost Goolsby. Not sure about the rest should be a fun year.
  6. Not the two best players that day
  7. Was Westview a young team this year ?
  8. Maybe not heard they have a coaching change in g vile now
  9. Don’t crown them state champs just yet I’d say they have maybe a 20 percent chance of winning it right now maybe
  10. I think Farrell is probably the best
  11. The foul st the end of the game was definitely a foul the girl was hacked on the arm by two Upperman players it had to be called I was on that end with a great view of the play. I was just there watching not for one nor the other so my judgment isn’t partially impaired by favoritism
  12. Rush is a good point guard
  13. Not sure their looking?
  14. Maybe the coach wanted her girls to stand there and soak in how it hurts to lose on a big stage knowing they will probably play again in a few days a little humbling never hurt anyone
  15. York had a good chance tonight just didn’t finish their shots congrats Macon
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