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  1. Any news out of the school board meeting
  2. Yes it was must have a idiot for a superintendent up there
  3. You could be right but Macon is just better than Upperman this year they have the best two players on their team as well it would be a long shot to think Upperman could pull out a win but it is basketball and any given night anything can happen
  4. Some parents only want their kids to do good and receive all the credit but one woman teams don’t last long this time of year got to have solid players around a real good player or two or you have nothing
  5. I’ve seen them both play Upperman is better
  6. I understand that but he took a lot of shots to get that seemed like 30 just watching the game probably wasn’t though he just struggled from outside the arc
  7. Two great games tonight at Watertown great atmosphere
  8. I can’t remember either no one outside of the smith co boys could of possibly imagined being up 22 on Livingston at one point shoot they probably didn’t believe it could happen either Sells just had a bad night
  9. I think their coach should of been fired last year and they let him waste that group of seniors this year if he stays there he has got some long seasons coming up with not near the talent level and poor coaching combined not a good combination to be very successful
  10. Watertown upsets Livingston good win for them Cannon kills Smith they look lost out there I think Cannon co will beat Dekalb next game just wish we were on the Upperman side after that
  11. Another poor shooting performance like last year in the state tournament against a good team and it could end the same way. There has been a lot of teams not win state when everyone thought they where the best team
  12. York wins by one over Watertown. Closer than I thought. Cannon finishes 5 th so they will battle Dekalb in the second round. Your thoughts
  13. No doubt Um I heard someone got spanked never count your chickens before they hatch Smith Co was up 30
  14. Idk she usually has the refs on her side at home not that Macon isn’t better just happens
  15. Can Upperman play Macon close at home what’s your thoughts. And the 4 5 and 6 seeds are still up in the air for the tournament
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