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  1. Yes I will fly on my broom stick or mop stick, whichever takes flight to do so. We will be fine. Our kicker is very athletic and won our game. He is very young with many years left in Whitwell. Y’all might want to think about recruiting a kicker. Wide receivers aren’t the only recruiting you can do.
  2. We know where some of your players are from. Never forget the past, McQueen. We also know some went to middle school there. Small County and up here we have kin down there.
  3. Shoot we know it’s Tipton. Duh. Not hating just being factual. GB got that QB , you know when y’all were complaining, while you were were in Jackson County, AL.
  4. Don’t need a resume. We all know you have one athlete, just keep him healthy. Our Region should be an easy walk in Districts. But after that it’s gonna be tough. Y’all have to play Meigs and I hope he is healthy after that game. I have seen a scrimmage or two. After tomorrow your film will be all over the internet.
  5. They will. I have huge faith in the coaching staff.
  6. You aren’t beating Greenback this year. You couldn’t get there last year to do it. Gotta have more than one athlete to do it. Just explaining from experience. Yes our kicker was the athlete that night. Better prepare and hope all are healthy.
  7. I wasn’t being mean just facts. I guarantee Waverly will win the region.
  8. Four turnovers and no execution will get you every time.
  9. Whitwell had more than one athlete making plays last year. Huge difference. I guarantee that wasn’t even a play Tipton scored on, if it was it needs a lot of work. The huge play Stewart made against y’all last year was a true play and as you saw it worked. I recall y’all saying you would smack us hard up front. We shall return the favor this year.
  10. We shall see. I saw your line at the scrimmage against Watertown and am not very concerned. Tipton made a play because he’s an athlete.
  11. Whitwell playing a a Freshman QB a long with the rest of them. We play 2 games in 4 days. Not chancing anything when it means nothing. Guess y’all can get a look Wednesday and Saturday.
  12. Finding this thread funny. Reading S Pitt cry while they are in Jackson County, AL recruiting is the pot calling the kettle. Js
  13. I will say I like being a sleeper team. A sleeper team that’s been there for a few years. But WE will show up more than some think. I promise, the WHITWELL Class of 2019 will never be forgotten in Football and Softball.
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