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  1. Redheadstepkid

    Whitwell 2019

    Congratulations Coach O!!
  2. Redheadstepkid

    Whitwell 2019

    You know absolutely nothing. Can’t even get the hint of “previous coach”, but if you want to talk about Whitwell maybe talk about their Coach. We have one ya know or maybe you don’t know.
  3. Redheadstepkid

    Whitwell 2019

    I guess you don’t know because you would talk about it. This has nothing to do with the previous coach. Hint hint
  4. Redheadstepkid

    Whitwell 2019

    Y’all think you know, but I do.....js
  5. Redheadstepkid

    Whitwell 2019

    Like I said “rumors “. Yes, us Whitwell people do have a new coach to worry about but that’s no concern to you S Pitt people. Worry about your team and we will see you in October.
  6. Redheadstepkid

    Whitwell 2019

    Love rumors. You S Pitt people think you know it all.... Not the case in this instance.
  7. Redheadstepkid

    Region 3A

    Well that wasn’t a 30 point loss and Whitwell doesn’t have one Senior on their team. Best of Luck to Region 3 as they advance to the State. See ya next year!
  8. Redheadstepkid

    What's with District 5A?

    Whitwell is the only decent team in this District. Van Buren is okay but very young. Remember, it’s basketball and any team can be beat on any given day.
  9. Redheadstepkid

    Tssaa streaming service sucks

    The internet connection sucked inside the building. Could’ve been part of the problem.
  10. Redheadstepkid

    A/AA Individual State preview, picks and upsets

    I have to say this was a great match today. Rainey proved himself TODAY! I don’t have a dog in this fight as my little school doesn’t have a 220. Best of luck to both young men tomorrow.
  11. Redheadstepkid

    Waverly Coaching Job

    I hope y’all treat Randall right. He’s a good man and a good coach. We are sure going to miss him and his family. Best wishes!
  12. Redheadstepkid

    Waverly 2019 - Head Coach: Randall Boldin

    We wish him the best of luck. Sure gonna miss his family. Love those kiddos.
  13. Redheadstepkid

    Charger Invitational Preview

    Whitwell isn’t coming. Went to duals tournament at Oakland yesterday.
  14. Redheadstepkid

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Clearly no holding. LMBO
  15. Redheadstepkid

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    I don’t think they are realizing #15 and #3 were not 100%. That’s like losing a notch on the wheel on a piece of machinery, the wheel doesn’t turn as smoothly. We made it work and at the end of the day it worked out.