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  1. Thought we didnt play big boy ball in the east
  2. Waiting for HC to get an unsportsmanlike conduct
  3. Nfhs network days postponed until December 2nd
  4. Let's go Bobcats keep that Gold ball in the East... Bring East to 4-0
  5. They generate plenty of revenue... they can afford it
  6. Oh nice shot of the Covington girl flipping people off while the camera is on her haha
  7. Everyone was cheering the Greene Devils walking out they just so happened to walk out the same way and it was said about 500ft after they left the locker room and fans were waiting for the rest of the Devils to come out...those cheerleaders and kids must have been frightening
  8. I thought so... I'm pretty well versed on Oakland history had family that went to and played there.
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