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  1. What’s he been there a week? Already complaining about something that you were not even at. If line is is as weak as you say don’t think you can fix that over night.Could it be the speed guys were in baseball or track? ME had probably top Fresh class in area. They may have to depend on Soph’s this season as they build. Way at too early to criticize the hire and give up next season.
  2. And he just got fired last week for lots of issues that have anything to do with winning.
  3. Jeff wins behind the running of Kris Hawkins. He put up over 200 against the Admirals. I think he is right at 1k for the season.
  4. OR mercy by half. This may be the worst SC team I have ever seen. They have 2 players that are good ball players, #9/6.
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