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  1. You’re right on a lot of points. Powell lives and dies on his and the receivers play. No secret. While he had the 4 total tds that kept them in the game, he also had the 3 picks that potentially cost them. He’s a heck of a qb and will continue to improve, but ya gotta remember without the rest of his offensive unit, receivers especially, he doesn’t make near the plays he does. Also have a lot of mental errors to clean up on BOTH sides of the ball. If they do that, Powell can compete and maybe beat West if they play again. West is still the most complete team in our area imo. On to the next!
  2. Sure does. Can’t say I expected anything different. I’ve thought West is the most complete team overall and it’s showing tonight.
  3. Gotta like West here. I think they’re the best all around team. I don’t think they’ll have any issues getting pressure on Potts, which should slow Powell down tremendously. They’ve struggled in the passing game any time the opposing team has been able to get pressure. Not to mention the West run game should keep the Powell O of the field for the most part.
  4. I think West is the most well rounded of the bunch. I don’t think Powell would take them by 3 tds. Should be a great game either way!
  5. For sure . I love Powell and have had a connection there for many years now, but it’s hard to jump on that train right now. They’re a good football team, but they could definitely improve in many areas.
  6. I agree. Powell is much improved for sure, but even as a Powell fan, I can’t honestly say I see a state title team yet. Still a lot to improve on that can cost you games. Passing game hasn’t been really tested against a great secondary yet (Central may have been the best and Powell threw two INT’s early), run game is just getting going, still too many errors and penalties, and almost zero kicking game. And I know Henry County is always a solid football team, so it’s hard to say Powell would throttle them.
  7. I’d have to agree. 5a is stacked and it only takes one injury to a star player, one bad play, or a case of the rona to totally change everything. Not to mention, I feel West has to be the favorite over Powell right now. They’re very well rounded.
  8. I think if these two were to play again, we could throw the first game out the window. I would expect a totally different game from both sides. It was a sloppy first game for both squads that Beech should’ve won, but I think both teams have seen major improvements since then.
  9. My guess would be Henry County and Hendersonville
  10. My mistake. I thought Clinton wasn’t for some reason. According to CoachT, Clinton was wiped from the schedule. Who knows haha.
  11. Apparently Clinton was just wiped off the schedule. They accepted the Halls forfeit is my guess
  12. I’d say Powell found it more beneficial to play a game against another top 5a team in the state with Beech vs a game that wouldn’t really matter much. Just my guess.
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