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  1. SHS needs to do more than just show up. IMO, the coaches are doing all they can to prepare the team, but they need to play with passion and intensity. If you're not gonna do that, then don't step on the field.
  2. It was good to see Tennessee on ESPN for the second (or third) year in row! I could tell the atmosphere at the Beech-Station Camp game was electric. Hurd is a beast and doesn't have to carry the load this year for the Bucs. It was extremely hot out there! I don't think Hurd is out of shape but wonder if he has asthma. It also looks like Station Camp will have a very good year. They have some offensive weapons!
  3. Did anyone see the district predictions on the Tennessean website? What are everyone's thoughts? http://lms.usatodayhss.com/nashville/articles/item/1096-district-predictions-for-middle-tn-prep-football
  4. I think this game will be a good one but a toss up. SHS wins by a TD.
  5. Does anyone know what Springfield's schedule is for 2013?
  6. I agree. Maryville could beat some good out-of-state teams. Is it possible for them to play an out-of-state team every two years?
  7. Very true. Thinking about Alabama, I think they have a lot of small schools. Living in Illinois, it's a more populated state than Tennessee and lots of public high schools (mainly in Chicago) aren't eligible to compete in the state playoffs. Those schools compete for city championships. The private schools have multipliers applied to their school enrollments. Missouri also has six classes for 11-man football. Each class has districts with anywhere from 3-6 teams. MO also has 8-man football.
  8. While it's good to see Springfield in the playoffs, it may be a long night for them if they don't come ready to play and play smart football. We haven't won a playoff game since 2006. I believe SHS can pull the upset.
  9. The Craigmont/East game was cancelled due to another shooting...SMH.
  10. Now, this is ridiculous! The game was cancelled. Do people in Memphis just not care anymore?? SMH News Story
  11. All I know is this: there may be a lot of points scored in both games. After seeing Kenwood play against Springfield, they're a better team than what their record shows. I think they'll win one game, but I wouldn't be surprised if they win both.
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