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Guest dare_2_dream

He threw a party it was called "Party with Pacman" and the only people who showed up were himself, TO, and his body guard who wouldn't let TO near him all night. :thumb:


Where was my boy Chad Johnson. DeAngelio Hall should have attended as well..

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Guest dare_2_dream

Charges dropped! if he stays out of trouble....gotta love

the legal system......you or me...not likely! :lol:


I hope he gets back in trouble personally, just so they have to do something to his punk butt

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He had a very good attorney in Roger May. Actually he has 6 mths probabtion , fines, and has to attend anger management . If he gets in any trouble during that time......bam. If not, they will erase the charges in the Boro. He had so much security surrounding him today that it was unreal. Media was all over and bodyguards and cops too.......a circus. Pacman is a walking time bomb and as ugly up close as he is far away.

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