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Why No Band?

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Why can the Tullahoma Band not show up for the conclusion of the game on Saturday afternoon. Some of the kids were running the concession stand. If they can do that they need to have their rears in the stands helping the football team.


Guess it was just to hot for the wimps....Better yet, don't show up for the rest of the games either. You just get in the way of the football game.




band dosent revolve around the foot ball teamwe dont owe you a thing... u want support give some... we have comps on saterdays starting in mid september

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"there are a lot more Tullahoma band students on full scholarships to college than there are football players at a given time"


all that tells me is it is EZ to be in the band, Football is something not everyone can do. Sure every college has like 300+ band members for each team so they have scholarships to hand out left an right. a football team has less then 100 players



do u no wat ur talking about or r u just talking.... cause ur wrong learn to play an instrament and come march then if its soo easy nd get off the band fourms

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well it takes someone special to run around like a big brute and hit someone... most smart people dont need football to get ne thing accomplished in life that must be the only thing ur good at...and wat ur saying leads me to think that the band is a bunch of smart geeks who dont like to get hurt...well we play tackle football after every home game when we have to be at school the next morning at 6 in the morning for comp. incase you dont no thats where a bunch of bands come thogather and see who is the best at marching and playing.. you think it is soo easy get up off your ###### and do it you stupid brute...


Football is more then just run around and his some one it takes alot of skill you know some thing you dont have cuz if you would instead of playing tackle football with your boyfriends you would play on the team. I have forgotten more about football then you will ever know. Am i a stupid brute,,,,,,, who knows maybe but your the one looking stupid cursing up a storm.

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