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Memphis Grizzles

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    • You bet I will, and I’ll work to help anyone who runs against him.  I wonder if the new principal realizes the bridges he has burned in the community?
    • How many kids on FR and CB's teams went to FR middle school and CB middle school? 
    • I stand behind my previous statement that if you turn the program over to Ethan Reeve you will see immediate results.  That is if the kids that are already at McCallie are not afraid of hard work.  I can guarantee everyone that if Ethan Reeve was the head coach those kids would become workaholics, or they would find something else to do.  Don't forget that Ethan took a skinny kid in David Levitt and made him into a monster that no one wanted to wrestle.  
    • You don't know that, only Yost does and I think Yost is a better coach truthfully, now he went to McCallie because he was supposedly going to be given the keys to do whatever was needed to get them back to the top and good money, I think the rug was kind of pulled out from under him with a new administration. I kind of wished he would go ahead and leave and let them have what they have and him go back to a public school, heck he led Cleveland to 3 state titles so lets not pretend Knox did that, the foundation was well set before he ever came along and right now it would truthfully take an IDIOT in charge to ruin what they have built there.
    • kind of what Scott did say with them putting an emphasis on pretty much football to the point they were letting kids in that had no business there academically and they were getting them through school even though they couldnt handle the work. And yes his sons both were football players and pretty dang good ones at that.
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