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AA Region Tournaments

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Real classy to call out a player. The junior college comment was wrong. so is the cancer comment. The Catholic coach is a stand up guy. He is passionate, nothing more. He is twice the coach than what CAK has.


Look, CAK has the most talent in east TN. They should have won the state last year and got out coached. They lost several games this year that they should have won.


East won't score twenty against a far superior CAK team. No one will take a game against them at the State Tournament. They have too much size and talent.


Coach Jones who used to be at Catholic is the best coach Knoxville has ever had. If he had this CAK team they would win a AAA title. Maybe he could be persuaded to come back and coach at CAK?

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Your right that was wrong of me and i apologize to all the posters here and the girl + Family.  Just saying that she is a great player with a heck of an arm.  Her attitude is holding her and her team back.   Any College scout is going to tell you,  the firs thing they look for is  your attitude, how you interact with teamates and how you handle game situations.  She and her team would be unstoppable if she were the senior leader she should be,  thats how good i think she could be. I can't believe a coach would let her get away with acting like that. Our coach was accused of letting parents dictate what positions their kid played. FALSE!  This coach lets the kids do what ever they want?. Im sure he has his reasons. The Catholic Coach may be a stand up guy but he whined at every call and then basiclly threw a fit and got yellow carded.  I know it happens in the heat of battle.  CAK does have talent but they have issues as well.  I dont think they could have played Goodpasture five times and won two times.  That was a very good team that won the title last year. I think that both teams had talent and CAK had played a few more games in the tournament last year playing out of the losers bracket. Fatigue may had something to do with it. You have been very critical of our coach all year,  and here we are, poised to make another trip to states if we can get over East.  He has been there three years in a row.  He might make it there again this year.  I think credit is due.  Does he always make the right decisions.  No, but who does! Maybe if he can pull out a championship this year he will get some respect then.


Just caught the comment of the Catholic coach being twice the coach than what CAK has.  since we have beaten them 3 times this year when i think Catholic has just as much talent CAK has.  I believe i will keep our coach.  I dont know what great talent we have. it is the same thing most teams have.We have one Player that is taller than every other player in the state. So what!  she is only on the court for half the time.  Catholic  still could not capitalize at those times against two middles one of wich has never played volleyball before and one with no club experience at all. Two #2 team club players and a couple of freshman. We have a pretty good Libero that nobody talks about.  and a pretty good setter but not better than what Catholic has.  I would say CAK's coach is doing a great job with what he has to play with.

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EB, glad you backed off the girl. You might want to edit the post so it's not out there.


A couple of comments. For the last two years CAK has had the most talent in east TN. Last year everybody loved your OH. A GREAT player. She was best in town her junior year, and was better last year. She was better than the Bearden OH who got the vote,


You just don't have the biggest player in the state, you have the biggest by ALOT! Not only is she tall, her arms are LONG. No one can block her. In small school she could control the entire game. Playing her RS is a mistake. She would get 5 times the touches in the middle, and would take away two thirds of the court in the middle. Try and justify it all you want it is a questionable coaching move. It does not make you better.


I don't think anybody will take a game from you this year. My problem is the lack of passion. I like the energy that the Catholic coach brings.


Good luck, but you don't need it this year.

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Would you please get off that soapbox!  She is a rightside hitter. She played rightside all summer at K2.  She was recruited by several D1 schools as a right side hitter.  She has committed to a D1 school to play rightside.  And her coach is working with her to get her ready to play D1 volleyball at the rightside spot. And from what i have seen she has done a great job at the rightside.  Ask any of the OH that have hit against her.  She has shut them all down and her hitting has greatly improved. Our coach has successfullly coached up two middles.  One who did not ever play volleyball untill this year.  The other who had very little experience at volleyball.  He is winning with this combo.  It is the highschool coaches responsibilty to the athlete that will play at the next level to prepare that player..  Not to sacrifice that players development for the sake of wins.  That is what a real coach does.

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