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we can rehash the poor decision of firing a coach that took them to regionals 4 times in 6 years when they had not been there for 12 years or so, won 20+ games twice including last season's 20 regular season games for the first time since the state championship in 1992 ... it is too early to know if coach trice will get the job done - he might ... he did inherit the  best set of pitching arms warren county has seen since the late 90's ... but to speak to the previous post, the schedule this year is not tougher ... they are playing many of the same teams with a few changes - this year's teams have played oakland, riverdale and beech - lost them all  while last year's schedule had maryville, bearden and gibbs - won one - pretty even ... 10 run ruled hardin valley last year and this year warren county came from behind for a great win in a close game ... last year faced a dekalb team with a major league draftee pitcher that they won't see this year ... beat white 3 times last year while this year have lost to them already ... so the schedule is not a factor .... bad decision but the foundation for future success had been laid for someone to be successful and it might be coach trice - time will tell

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Beats being a warrior fan,I have tried to stay calm and enjoy the games but it gets harder every game. Why we still have these guys is beyond me. I watched at Cookeville game in Cookeville our 3rd base coach check out of game, just stood there. Stone Memorial game watched him try to give Stone the win. Warren County we played good solid defense but nothing from coaching staff.  Fired them all and let the volunteer asst coach take over.  I bet the games would be more enjoyable to watch. Cookeville's coach is not afraid to mix it up. Why does his guys go all out, you think it is because he coaches all out to do everything to the best of his ability to pull out a victory

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Final district standings

1- Cookeville 10-2

2- Warren County 9-3

3- White County 6-6

4- Rhea County 5-7

5- Stone Memorial 0-12

Good Luck to all the teams in the District tournament

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On 2/9/2018 at 10:11 AM, icecube said:

Stone wins it all

So if Stone wins it all then how come Cookeville is on top and Stone is at the bottom? Just like last year Stone goes 0-12 only scores 19 runs and gives up 123. Now I know that they are playing a lot of Freshman and Sophmores, but that was a very bold statement to make to start the year and say they win it all! Maybe in a couple years they will contend but not this year or next.

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On 5/9/2018 at 9:31 AM, Pioneersports said:

Congratulations to Cookeville and Warren Co making it to tonights district championship and next weeks Region games.

Good luck to the Pioneers in regionals.

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