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Super 32 PreSeeds Announced


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Interestingly enough Flo only picked one Tennessee wrestler to medal and no it isn't Hilton.  Flo picked Max to finish eighth.  13 top 20 at 120, 11 top 20 at 152.

Flo's list of Tennessee wrestlers:

Name                Weight  Rank
Cooper Hilton       120     12
Max Norman          152     17
Joseph Uhorchuk     106     HM
Bryson Terrell      113     HM
Caleb Uhorchuk      120     HM
Ethan Uhorchuk      120     HM
Jarvis Little       126     HM
Landon Desselle     138     HM
Logan Fowler        138     HM
Luke Belcher        138     HM
Chase Walker        106
William Phillips    106
Mason Jakob         113
Bentley Ellison     120
Cole Gumlick        120
Nathaniel Boger     120
Zac Bosken          120
Spencer Reep        126
Ethan Lipsey        132
Samuel Hutchison    132
Caleb Gumlick       138
Jay Eversole        138
Seth Robles         138
Hunter Sturgill     145
Riley Fort          145
Tate Myers          152
Thomas Magness      152
briar whaley        160
Grayson Allen       160
Ian McGehee         160
Jacob Barlow        160
Aidan Brenot        170
Jake Stacey         170
Logan Heckert       170
Henry Tate          182
Kendrick Curtis     195
Rob Atwood          195
Noah Todd           220
Garrett Crowder     220
Jackson Witsell     285


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19 hours ago, cowcatcher said:

Looking at the entries on the website we have 40 guys participating. That's got to be a record number from TN. I love to see it! Of those 40, I give the following 10 guys (in order) the best chance to place.

1. Cooper Hilton (Baylor)

2. "Mad Max" Norman (Dobyns-Bennett)

3. Aiden Brenot (Clarksville)...his big win at WNO over Alverez showed how good he is on his feet which is where matches at tournaments like this are decided

4. Bryson Terrell (Bradley Central)

5. Logan Pardice (Baylor)...listed as Georgia

6. Hunter Sturgill (Baylor)

7. JoJo Uhorchuk (Signal Mtn.)

8. Logan Heckert (Sycamore)

9. Logan Fowler (Cleveland)

10. Caleb Uhorchuk (Signal Mtn.), Jarvis Little (Summit), Bentley Ellison (Cleveland) - depending on the day


And I agree with WrestlingGod, you're crazy if you don't think seeds matter at this event. You will probably see a good number of first round matches where you have two state champs going at it. When you have 100+ guys in a bracket and lose an opening round match, you've got to win like 8-10 matches just to get on the podium. 

Ok, you did a top ten, ill do one too...


1. Cooper Hilton- The kid shows up. At the moment he's got to be the marquee wrestler from the state. 

2. Max Norman- Special kid. I wouldnt be surprised to see him get a few more upsets this weekend and slide to a podium finish.

3. Landon Desselle- I know I'm slightly biased with the Summit crew and the Desselle's especially, but to not even mention the Fargo AA here is crazy. He's a hammer.

4. Logan Paradice- Flo has him as the "bracket buster" at 138. He's got a heck of a gas tank and will probably pull a few wins out late over higher ranked kids. It'll be surprising to others, but not to us in the south. 

5. Hunter Sturgill- A Fargo finalist not even listed as an honorable mention. Hunter will be the actual bracket buster this weekend. 

6. JoJo Uhorchuk/Caleb Uhorchuk- Im splitting here. Jojo is a big kid at a light weight. 13 ranked kids in the top 20 is tough. Caleb looked good at GFC. Another stud. Also 13 of the top 20 in the weight. 

7. Bryson Tyrell- A man wrestling children. Thats really the only way to describe watching him work on the mat. He's going to be extremely difficult for kids to match up with

8. Noah Todd- Listen, he's coming in as an 10 seed in a weight that isnt as loaded as some of the others. A smaller bracket here gives him a real shot at getting on the podium. Plus he gets to roll with Hamm everyday. That has to account for something right?

9. Ethan Uhorchuk- Yeah hes lower. I think hes not quite Caleb. Do not mistake that for me saying hes not great. He is. But I've put two TN kids at 120 and, while i do think he has a better shot at medaling than most kids going, it's gonna be a long road. 

10. Chase Walker- Really? Nobody mentions Chase? He's def a sleeper but for sure, FOR SURE, has a great outside chance at medaling. Depending on his draw. 


OTW- Jarvis Little, Bentley Ellison, Ethan Lipsey, Aiden Brenot, 

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