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Who are the top teams in East Tennessee?


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11 hours ago, Rebelyell10 said:

Wacko wacko

you are funny….coaches don’t like losing any games, especially to a little school like SG…they are good, sure, but no way they should beat your db!  

just watch and see the future

You're a clown with no clue. You should be posting on the girls' basketball thread. 

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On 11/15/2023 at 12:45 PM, ClaboCrazy1961 said:

East TN 4A will be Oak Ridge and Sevier County if I had to put money on it.  Maryville is only other team that I think could beat those two since they won vs Sevier last night.  DB and Sevier Co leagues are very weak.  Region 2:  Oak Ridge has a cakewalk in District 3 and then District 4 is brutally tough, but any of those teams could defeat a Region 1 Sectional opponent.  Still would not pick against OR and SC right now in a tournament setting.

OR and SCHS had a fantastic game last year at Sevier. 2 good teams last year. I know OR has lots back and assume SCHS does

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On 12/1/2023 at 10:34 PM, Rebelyell10 said:

A school that size and only  has 1 senior????  What is up with that?  

I was there tonight also and it looked like db has a lot of attitudes on the team and coach spent half game begging to refs instead of coaching but I may be wrong 

Because they was buried on the depth chart as a sophomore and transferred to other schools, that year they had like 6 or 7 seniors, and 4 jr on the varsity team. 

Last year the sophomores and freshman was better than the jr on the team, so they transferred. 


That is how it goes. One of them was a football star and is focusing on that at their new school this year, which would be a Sr. 

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On 12/1/2023 at 11:04 PM, Romansfive8 said:

I was there tonight. DB has a good team. Tonight, it was about match ups. My opinion is SG out matched DB. SG has plenty of length, good ball handlers, and the shooters to boot. 3 of SG’s key contributors fouled out tonight and was still able to get out of there with a W. The guys that came in off the bench played well.  
SG, they’re good! They have the pieces and the coach, just need to play a little smarter and stay healthy. I gotta a good feeling about this team. It’s a long season and 1 game at a time.  

DB’s solid and will be okay.  I could see them being a handful in the post season.

They are super young, they will mature as the year goes. 

Free throws get better as you get older normally. 

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17 hours ago, Rebelyell10 said:

Lumber…..only 1 kid transferred and he was a sophomore or junior…that’s it…your info is wrong…the young man that transferred for football was 2 years ago…who has a lot of big d1 offers now

3 years ago, 3 transferred out that would be SR this year. One transferred during summer ball to Knoxville, online work makes that possible for parents now. I wasn't talking about just last year, its a compounding problem of having a lot of Sr playing, the younger kids move on now days. You see it in college now, the time of waiting your turn is over. 


I haven't gave up on this team, they still have some learning to do. I think they will be ready for the post season.  

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11 hours ago, Rebelyell10 said:

What happened to you saying that the greatest coaching staff in the state would bring em to the top?  Are you giving up already ???  

First off nobody has said DB has the greatest coaching staff in the state, I consider them up there among the best though. Very hard to say who is actually the best. Simply stating that next year and the year after should be much better is just common sense. Nobody is giving up on this year. I, and others have been saying that DB traditionally, gets better after the Christmas tournaments. That has been true in the past with Poore as head coach. You're grasping. 

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