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Middle Tenn Hoops


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Lincoln County is putting a clinic on In Fayetteville.  After one half Lincoln County has put up 40 points and Tullahoma looks like they have not ever stepped foot on a basketball floor to play defense.  Lincoln County has to be shooting 70% from three and Tullahoma has not defended anything beyond the arc.   Lincoln might score 90 points if they wants to tonight.


coasted to a 20 point win, Tullahoma looks like they do not want to be on the floor with each other.  Lot of conflict on bench with coach and players, could be trouble in year two.

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25 minutes ago, mcraiderfan321 said:

Deciding on the York/Cookeville, Tullahoma/Rockvale, or Cumberland County/Rhea County game this Tuesday.  Have not seen Cookeville or Rockvale and wanted to see Cumberland County after seeing them early in the year.  

York vs Cookeville will be a battle.   Two of the best teams in the UC regardless of class.  You can watch the game on Upper Cumberland Reporter on Facebook if you don’t make the trip to Jamestown.  

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