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2003 Tennessee Football Signees


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I think Middle Region was referring to the recruiting year, not the season. I agree: no one who loves the Big Orange wants to see another 8-5 year..


As for recruits, it comes down to what the kids do best and what the team needs most. A kid might be the best receiver in South Carolina and be recruited by the Gamecocks, but he knows that Lou Holtz runs the ball. He isn't going to shortchange himself by going into a running offense when he could go to Florida or Kentucky and get more touches per game. Also, team needs vary. Tennessee doesn't need to sign many (any) running backs this year because of what they have. Houston, Davis, Tinsley, and Riggs have that stable full for another year or two. The best running back isn't as needed as receivers like Jason Swain. If given the chance, Im sure UT would have loved to have gotten Adarius Bowman from Chatt. Notre Dame. UT needed receivers, and when Bowman decided to go to North Carolina, UT had to do what they could to get a quality receiever. Simply put, I wish UT could get more in-state signees, too. But as long as teams have specific needs and players want to have the best fit for themselves, and teams only have a limited number of scholarships, its no-holds-barred from coast to coast.

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