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  1. After watching several games last few weeks I definitely think West should be MVP of district. Brings it every night and if you take him off that team they probably finish in bottom 3 of district. He definitely makes all his teammates better. Marsh should be 2nd and I would go with Strong and Ashlock has 3rd and 4th. Still think if Strong can shoot 3 little better he may have most college potential.
  2. Best player in uppercumberland plays for Sparta, Slatten kid.
  3. 1. Clay County--most talent overall, way deeper than anyone else in district. 2/3. Monterey/RBS--Teams are very different but both rely on one player to get most of their offense. 4/5. Gordonsville/Pickett Co--I could see either team filling in last spot to make the region. 6/7. Jackson Co./Trousdale--Both have guys that can play. Consistent play just not there for either yet. 8. Clarkrange--least talented team but wouldn't surprise me if they beat someone in district tournament. I don't believe the district to be a toss up. I think Clay has the best team. It would not shock me if they get beat again in district but only if they don't play to potential. MVP race will be interesting. Probably a 2 horse race with Marsh(RBS) and West(MHS). Strong kid from Clay will likely be next choice but other 2 are more valuable to their team IMO. I do think Strong kid will be great player before he is done but would not make him MVP this year. Anyway, my 2 cents worth.
  4. Mafia, has your opinion changed after last night?
  5. Wood dale deserves to lose if they keep shooting 3’s. 0 for 13 heading to 4th qtr
  6. Don’t sleep on Meigs County. I only saw them play once but I believe they started 5 sophomore and they could play...
  7. I want to start out by saying I am totally unbiased to either of these teams. The best player on the floor was the point guard from Houston County, not the Hayes girls or big girl from Houston County that’s going to Mississippi State.
  8. I have said all year Upper Cumberland basketball not as good has in years past, boys and girls. I think this post season has proved us both correct.
  9. I am disappointed also. I heard that Clay only scored two points in 4th quarter of game last night. Is this true?
  10. I was at the game and it just seemed like after half time the Meigs coach did not care if his team won the game or not. Also, I think it was #23 for Meigs that seemed to be a player but hardly played the second half. Just wondered if she got hurt or coach was not pleased with her in some way
  11. Well said by play4fun. Best team won but I thought Pickett got worst of it, especially early. Clay county guard,number 20, was difference in my opinion. I would to know how it would of come out had technicals not occured but I still think Clay would of won. Even before the technicals Pickett girls seemed to be frustrated by officials. Maybe rematch down road...
  12. That would be to simple. My guess is Dana wanted it this way. Her teams almost always finish top 2 in district. Smart by her but not to smart for teams that consistently finish in bottom portion of district.
  13. Hmmmm. ..may have been on to something long time ago. I do believe when they get point back they be much better. However, all those cupcake wins early really showing up now.
  14. Woodcock is probably better shooter than West but he does not make his teammates better. In fact, I been to games this year where Clay was better with him on bench. Kid from RBS and West both more important to their teams. Like I said earlier, Woodcock first team but not Ione of top 2 players in district in my opinion.
  15. I can’t agree with you on Kimes. He plays hard and really good defender but offensively challenged and lets emotions get best of him at times. We will see how coaches vote but I see him no better than second team. I do agree with others....
  16. Have to agree with summary of Trousdale Co. They have athletes but out of position on defense just about every possession. I am sure difficult bunch to coach judging by reaction some of kids have when coming off floor. Here is the way I see district tournament playing out: 1. Clay County—easily got the best team in district. Can go very deep into bench if needs to and kids expect to win. 2. Monterey—West kid might be best player in district. He makes everyone on team better. 3. RBS—if big kid can get some help this team is not bad. He is probably district MVP and don’t tell me he is not on top team in district, I understand. 4. Gordonsville—not real familiar with them but by all accounts descent enough to make region tourney.
  17. Nice summary. My 2 cents is that Upperman has more players than Macon. Macon probably has the better player(s). Larry and Dana both do good job. If Macon gets lead upperman cant dictate pace like they did at Baxter. Only 2 teams in district that can win sub state game.
  18. After watching top 3 teams in district several times this season the only conclusion I can come up with is our district is down from last several years. I do not think we have state tournament winner in our district. Before everyone goes into a rage, I will be pulling hard for the 2 teams that advance from region tournament. I just think after you get by first 2 scorers on each team there seems to be a big drop off. Hope I am wrong.
  19. After Cookeville result last night I might have been wrong about 3rd comment. I will now place White County in second in district. I do look for Cookeville to beat them at least once this year if their coach will start coaching and quit whinning about every call. Lastly, UCSportsfan I have forgot more than most on here know, especially you......Go big blue!!!
  20. White County be lucky to finish 3rd in district, much less third best team in state. I am not knocking them either. They have won some big games early.
  21. I was told by a parent not playing any tournaments on break. I also have pocket sized schedule that only shows boys playing. So I assume no games until January 4.
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