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  1. Going to try to get there tonight if I can. My team isn’t playing. 85 always see year posts and enjoy them, where do you sit? If I come I would like to say hello, always like meeting those who are passionate about their team!
  2. What will the atmosphere be like tonight?
  3. To even question whether Bruce is an excellent coach or not shows how little some of the posters on here know. To narrow the body of work he compiled as a head coach into 2-3 games is a ridiculous argument. Evèry school he has been at but maybe 1 has gotten to at least the sectional. You have never had to coach against him, I have. You better bring your A+ game. I know a lot of excellent coaches who never win a district or make the state, the reality check is that it is hard to make it to state no matter what the expectations or where you coach. He is one of the best at 3 key things: 1. player development, 2. Game prep. and 3. In game coaching. He doesnt always win every game, but he doesn't have many where he is out of it.
  4. This is a stretch in my opinion, he had tremendous talent at both science hill and Brentwood academy, but this hire at ba will turn out to be a great hire because he is the best coach in the state.
  5. I know that 2 other coaches that helped had players in the event. Also, the BCAT is ran by the high school coaches from across the state, the coaches volunteered their time to help all the kids. Those coaches were named a while ago. Would it be fair to ask they not have any of their kids participate because they are coaching? NO. Some schools may have more than one player wanting to participate, There were multiple kids from Dekalb,Warren/and Clay Counties for example. The coach may may not know when they agree to do this that their kids may want to be involved and I know that they are assigned teams, they do not pick their teams. Also, watching all the teams play, every team had 10 players and the rotation was 5 in and 5 out. That equals out. It just goes to show that people can't be satisfied with anything. Maybe '4changes' should do a unsigned senior workout on his own and maybe he/she could understand that it is a little more difficult than he/she imagines. Obviously it seems that he/she thinks its easy. I just have a hard time believing that Warren County had that many players that want to play college looking at their record.
  6. I was there and I saw the games. The playing time was even throughout and the last games were 5 minutes in length so it was situational like the end of a game. Something that many coaches look for when they recruit players. They probably didn't play your the Warren County kids because they weren't as good as the others pure and simple. The BCAT is doing alot of good for basketball state wide, many don't realize this and they would not puposely cater to one group of kids. I would say it was purely a BASKETBALL decision if those kids didn't play. Also, this is a free event that most kids would have to pay $50 to $100 to participate in so don't complain when they had the previous 1 hour and 45 minutes to prove to everyone they could play
  7. Kevin Bray, when Dirk Ash coached in the 80's and early 90's and no
  8. I saw North Sand play Moore and also against Tyner. They were worn out by Moore with the 2 overtime game late Friday. That was a great game and yes they could play with the good a-aa teams here, but didn't have the depth Moore had. They were much better than Tyner but looked gassed after Friday night. Also Raby for Moore County is one of the best players i have seen all year.
  9. 6a in Alabama is about the size of aa or small aaa schools in Tennessee.
  10. Wow! Looking forward to this again. All players and fans should want their coaches to attend. Always a great event for basketball in Tennessee!
  11. Wow! Looking forward to this again. All players and fans should want their coaches to attend. Always a great event for basketball in Tennessee!
  12. Where did Coach King go? What are they going to be like the next few years? How many players do they have coming back for next year? How good is the feeder program?
  13. What is the latest? Saw the list and most of those have no chance or business with that job, there is only one of those ten listed that is high quality and definetly worth a look.
  14. Many schools do send out flyers because it is promoting the kids and we are so spread out in Tennessee that you may not hear of kids in east if you are out west, and if you have, you or the media may not know their stats. It is not shameless promotion for coaches to promote their players, it simply is building a foundation of a program. Look at what schools in Indiana and Kentucky do to promote their players for Mr and Mrs Basketball and you would understand. Unfortunately many coaches in Tennessee won't promote their players like they should and the Tssaa doesnt make the award as prestigious as it should be!
  15. Wow, another great lineup. Fans tell your coaches to get to this it has turned into the premier clinic in the nation for coaches and fans alike. This event helps to promote Basketball across the state, some of the best of the best have appeared at this event over the last 3-4 years and it is that way again. I hope they keep this going for many years to come!!!!
  16. Wow, another great clinic line up. Fans tell your coaches to get up to this event for the benefit of your program and to the game of Basketball in Tennessee. This has turned into the best clinic in the nation for coaches and fans. I hope they keep this going strong!!!!
  17. Overall, the quality of officiating has deteriorated significantly through the years. The TSSAA has a real problem and they seem indifferent to even make an attempt to solve it. There are to many referees that have a worse attitude as some of the players. The coaches have absoulutely NO input on the development of the officials, it is left strictly up to supervisors. The fact coaches cannot rate an official on anything is unimaginable but is only typical of the TSSAA and the way they operate. For the coaches to not have any imput into the officials, is taking a vital part of the game and saying we (TSSAA)know more than the coaches, which is ridiculous. By the way, the woman in question is the wife of a well known superviser of officials and has only been officiating about 3-4 years, for the record.
  18. Some other problems you seem to have are with spelling, geography, and grammar.
  19. Memphis 01 the only joke on here is you. Basketball obviously was invented in Memphis and always has been the center of the basketball universe. The last time I checked this was a thread about the great teams to come out of a county of 6,000 people not a metro area of over a million people with 70 high schools. You quite possibly are an idiot or just a plain fool. Perry County has a list of great players that have played college basketball at all levels, even to the NBA. The bigger question is if Memphis Basketball is that great why don't they win it every year in aa and aaa? The list of players to come out of Memphis that never make it is the biggest issue. Here is my idea of memphis basketball : Police, metal detectors, and terrible coaches. And oh yeah Perry County beat Bolton 94-76 in the state championship in 1977, that was one for the under the rim players for you.
  20. I thought Bruce coached that team, swoosh. But you make it sound like he was the only one who had great talent between those 3 coaches, Rhodes had tremendous talent the 2 years he won it, Mike Rhodes only averaged 44 a game his senior year. But had several good players around him. The 55-56-57 years they had several great players also, especially Albert Ellison. Bruce knows alot of the history Perry County basketball and would never think of himself as on equal footing with either of those coaches. But from what I have seen he is very, very good and may be one of the best defensive coaches around. He will also be the 1st one to say that he had good talent.
  21. They played an extremely tough schedule in 1997. Much tougher than this team. I know they beat the class aa state champ in Union City and another team or 2 that was in the aa and/or aaa tournament. I believe they went 37-0 and were coached by Bruce Slatten. Their closest game from district to the state was about 15 pts, but were totally dominant at the state, and in my opinion(Iknow what thats worth) they were the best team in all classes that year.
  22. They are a very good team, with talent but to even question whether Bruce is an excellent coach or not shows how little some of the posters on here know. He is one of the best at 3 key things: 1. player development, 2. Game prep. and 3.In game coaching. He doesnt always win every game, but he doesn't have many where he is out of it. The team has overcome several injuries at Moore County this year, including 2 key cogs from that team last year.Just ask yourself this simple question, If you had your choice of the coach you have now or Bruce Slatten which would you choose?
  23. Well I would say there have been some great single A teams Such as Perry County in 1990's and Union City in the 2000's that not many AAA teams wanted to face and the one's that did went down hard. Class A basketball in Tennessee is very good and the coaching is very good.
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