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Everything posted by sportdude

  1. sportdude

    1A Season Highlights

    I saw the 2nd half of an exciting well played game. Likewise, I thought the officiating was good. Was the field a bit short? I thought the Signal keep’s diving, bobbling stop on the back line seconds before the final whistle blew made for a dramatic ending. Although I hated to see the difference decided by a PK in OT, the player did a good job of selling the foul.
  2. sportdude

    1A Season Highlights

    I will be looking for your Region 3 finals recap between the Patriots and Signal if I am otherwise unable to attend. Perhaps revenge is in order. It might be a little tough to bounce back from a close one goal victory at an away game, however.
  3. sportdude

    2018 State Tournament

    I heard CSAS scored with one minute left in 2OT.
  4. sportdude

    2018 State Tournament

    Thanks for the updates, FPP.
  5. sportdude

    Post Season

    Proud of the Hustl’n Tigers, Bucs and Patriots, (win or lose). I will miss the rivalry games between CSAS and Boyd, Grace, ND, and CCS. it would be a shame if CSAS never played them again. I had the pleasure of witnessing the only three victories over CCS against many losses. Games against Boyd Buc meant time to get physical. Coach Shim always agreed to play the Irish against the Patriots.
  6. sportdude

    Post Season

    My thoughts and prayers to CoachT, his wife and family? Did CSAS have a game last night and was it a post season affair?
  7. sportdude

    Boyd vs CPA

    Boyd wins on PK' s.
  8. sportdude

    AAA State Tournament

    "ihavenofriendzz" I understand the handle.
  9. sportdude

    Boyd Buchanan v. Marion County

    I am interested to see how far they can go. Coach Ellis is a solid coach.
  10. Prediction time: 34-31 S. Pitt on the strength of three touchdown passes from Mr. Football. Perhaps UC misses a long field goal late.
  11. This working stiff in Chattanooga is not going to be able to go to Cookville to pull the Pirates through on Friday. I will only have access to the internet. Can I go to the City of S. Pittsburg website and catch the game on the radio station that plays continuously an the home page? Two years ago I went to the site and watched the players walk down the street when they returned home from winning the gold ball.
  12. sportdude

    South Pittsburg AT Grace Christian

    This S Pitt fan would like to give props to #75 at Grace for they way he plays. Despite the lopsided score, I thought he went hard every play. Instead of losing his composure as did some team mates, he helped up the opponent he knocked down and patted the butt of the opponent who knocked him down. Some kids beavior might have been worse last night if not for this young man's good example.
  13. sportdude

    Rd. 2 = Eagleville @ South Pittsburg

    The last 2-3 years I have been impressed with how productive s pitt's offensive and defensive lines are since many of the kids wouldn't be considered prototypical linemen. I thought I heard Asst. Coach Smiley played for that undefeated Miami Dolphin team. Taxi squad maybe?
  14. sportdude

    A/AA State Finals Notre Dame vs CAK

    Congratulations Coach Schermerhorn and the upper classmen. The last three years you have provided a consistently high level of soccer. The girls play hard and can compete with any team in the State. Good things will continue to happen so come back hard next year.
  15. sportdude

    Kingsbury needs help

    In 2003 Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences was playing in their second consecutive State Tournament after dispatching Chattanooga Christian in the region finals. The day before the game an article in the Commercial Appeal had an article about their opponents, Sheffield, a school for English as a second language school. It had been a difficult season for Sheffield because of lack of resources and parental support. Some games got forfeited, players quit, and the coach couldn't speak the language of most of his players. CSAS players could not believe their lucky first round draw. On game day a few students and parents showed up to support Sheffield. They had one sub and the keeper was a converted basketball player who wore his hightops in goal. The players were from four continents and spoke different languages. Sheffield played their hearts out and defeated a stronger team. Oh yea, Keep made some great saves. I don't think the team fully appreciated their accomplishment but they won the respect of everyone who witnessed it. It would be a darn shame if money can't be found to transport the Kingsbury Falcons to the State. These are players who wouldn't complain about any other disadvantages they may encounter if they do get the opportunity to just play.
  16. sportdude

    boyd vs csas

    Good article on the game on chattanoogan.com.
  17. sportdude

    Best Teams in Chattanooga Area?

    Didn't Grace and CSAS play last night? I can't find a score. From what I have seen Boyd will simply be too physical for CSAS this Friday night.
  18. sportdude


    Havn't seen much of them the last few years but they seemed to struggle badly against good teams. Coach Gibson appears to get alot out of the girls and they competed very well against a tough schedule this year. Go ahead and do some damage at the State, girls.
  19. sportdude

    South Pitt vs Tyner

    A pirate win next week will be 21 in a row. Is that a team record?
  20. sportdude

    Anyone have Boyd vs Merrol Hyde final score?

    Boyd was tired from playing three straight overtime pressure games. CSAS lost in PK's to Station Camp in its fourth straight tournament overtime game. I predict Boyd will pull the upset and win its first round game against Madison.
  21. sportdude

    CSAS vs CCS

    Patriots played with more passion than their district final loss to Boyd. Changes to the back line lineup paid off big time. Congrats to the "weaker district".
  22. sportdude

    Baylor v McCallie

    I couldn't find the game time in the newspaper. A little help please? How bad will the parking situation be?
  23. sportdude

    McCallie vs CSAS

    McCallie 3 CSAS 0 at the half.
  24. sportdude

    Keep David Wilson in your prayers

    Did you have a bad game? Are you frustrated by injury? Is life tough right now? Hit Conligio's link at post #8 if you need perspective on dealing with adversity.