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  1. Josh would land a great recruiting class, as long as he could find enough apartments in Carter
  2. Ravenwood has some great cheap shot artist in their secondary
  3. Alcoa turned it over twice in the red zone if I recall correctly
  4. Powell gets an early jump on next year’s recruiting class
  5. Why so silent all of a sudden? Must have found out the truth.
  6. SD cannot turn anyone in. The RB is not an SD kid. He is in AE zone
  7. Nothing to see according to HTV
  8. But there is always the first school to go down
  9. Rut- roh TSSAA snooping around them Panthers
  10. Chattanooga area football is way behind everyone else. Rhea Co and Cleveland are usually the best, but both of them are way down
  11. Remind me how good WB is. Region went 1-3. They beat bad teams.
  12. There is a lot of wasted money in education, mostly in central offices. Also, I think the federal influence on educational practices has ruined a lot of schools. Thanks Jimmy Carter.
  13. DBs struggling is putting it mildly. They couldn’t cover the opponents cheerleaders, much less their WR. Early on (against 3 really bad teams), I thought the defense was pretty good. But that turned out not to be true. Whoever is in charge of Special Teams should be looking for a job. The kickoff coverage was abysmal all year. How many returns past the 50 do you have to give up before you quit kicking it deep? Apparently 3 a game isn’t enough. Don’t get me started on the BS punt team alignment. You get 3 punts blocked in the Beardan game and don’t change it? Get 2 more blocked and a few others affected.
  14. There is a ton of money in Jefferson / Hamblen Co. A lot of lake property that isn’t cheap. Also, I think tuition for Lakeway is around $10,000. Not incredibly high
  15. Huge concern moving forward. Take 3 kids of a team and it hurts big time
  16. End result ... L’s to bad teams because you are a bad team. You may play hard, but that only goes so far. I don’t think DB is that good, but they will win by 14+
  17. No doubt Knoxville has gotten better. The game has changed to more spread passing game which exposes JC’s greatest weakness, speed. But I don’t understand how all the other schools have gotten better and JC hasn’t. A lot of factors, some seen and others not. Just frustrating
  18. We never lost to a Big 9 school (upper East TN) in the playoffs until we were put in the same region with them. Bearden and Farragut were 1st and 2nd round victims. I have watched them for almost 35 years and have seen 2 big issues arise. First, discipline. I bet the teams the last few years have averaged 5+ post-whistle penalties and 5 pre-snap penalties. Second, toughness. Jeff use to line up and whip you. Now, it is not that.
  19. WB won 4 games. They beat the worst Morristown West (1-9) team in the history of the school. They beat an 0-10 Heritage team, a 1-9 Lenoir City and a 4-6 Cleveland team. Add to that losses to 3-7 Sevier Co and 3-7 Ooltewah. Yes, WB is awful. Betsy no doubt overlooked WB.
  20. WB is awful. But it is the playoffs, a time when the Indians choke on their own Tom-Toms.
  21. Rain, cold and mud all have an effect on games for sure. However, give me all of those as opposed to wind any day.
  22. Check my post Bozo, I call it like it is. We suck balls and will for the foreseeable future. No talent + no coaching = no playoffs. DB, on the other hand, always has these lofty expectations
  23. I feel bad knowing my teams last Championship was 1987. At least we also played for it in the 1990s. Have you all ever actually played for a title? Real question
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