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  1. Hey, BPM! Good luck tomorrow against the Nados. Good to see yall back in it.
  2. robjim

    CPA vs LA

    Hey, BPM! Good luck tomorrow against the Nados. Good to see yall back in it.
  3. I believe T$$AA charges a $500 fee to broadcast a play-off game.
  4. Doing good, thanks BPM. Hope you are as well. Helping out at Grace Christian this year. It's my grandson senior year, so i'm doing stats for them.
  5. When the offensive player holds a defensive player in the endzone, it is a safety. Who, if anyone, gets credit for the 2 points. Asking as a stat guy. Thanks yall
  6. robjim

    Lipscomb at CPA

    24-7 CPA had one yd passing for the game. field held up through mid of the 3rd.
  7. Good luck to my nado buddies on Saturday! I'll be wearing my official t-shirt all day. F5!
  8. Sure am glad it was a home game! CPA got to play on all the dry spots...….
  9. Had to come out of retirement and do stats tonight. CPA had the ball for 6.5 minutes that first half and scored 49. Haven't seen that for along time. Should be a good one next week, get to watch and not work.
  10. I still check the site, from time to time, just to make sure FBgirl and the folks from Milan are behaving. Bighurt still has two years to go on his conviction, so he'll be posting when he gets out......
  11. CPA got taken to the woodshed or shelter. Great team and great victory. Do ya'll lose many for graduation? 13 was outstanding and was nice to see GR discover the forward pass! Good to meet all the "goonies", bunch of average looking guys. Not a knuckle-dragger among them. Enjoyed our meeting and thanks.
  12. Ok, Goonies, where are we meeting pregame? My shirt is clean and pressed.
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