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  1. A vast majority of AAA and AA football is not very good if you break down the tape. Actually a vast majority of AAA and AA football is awful. Goods play goods in November and bads play bads in September. Thus is the state of football in Tennessee with 6 classifications
  2. No. No. No. Good on the very top end, and almost unwatchable from the middle of the pack down in AAA.
  3. Then let all schools pull from wherever. And those that do will play those that do (or schools w double their enrollment)and those that don’t wont. It’s it a hard concept to grasp. It won’t happen but it’d fix the “recruiting”.
  4. Not if schools played kids that only lived in their district. Those schools wouldn’t go anywhere.
  5. You know as well as I do as soon as a player contacts admissions at a private the reigns are removed and they can recruit that player as aggressively as they see fit for as long as they see fit. Don’t work that way in public school when a kid makes contact. I wish they’d do away with the recruiting rules all together. Schools that allow students from out of their zone to compete in athletics would fall under a 2x multiplier. That might appease the public-private and open zone folks
  6. There is an abundance of AWFUL football in all classes in Tennessee. No one wants to watch awful football.
  7. There are tons of coaches across the state that would love to do what that guy did multiple times over the course of the season. Luckily, 99% of the coaches have an IQ high enough to refrain from such shenanigans. The gets screwed in this deal. I bet if the school cans the coach, the TSSAA will lighten the punishment for the team.
  8. He's talking about softball.
  9. The same people that wouldn't be happy with this hire are the same sorry parents that have raised a generation (3-5years) of losers that have led Central athletics to decline across the board in all boys sports. Great hire by the Big Blue!
  10. The Jackal is on the prowl!
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