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  1. 1918... end of the deadliest war in human history (at the time) , and much deadlier pandemic... football was played. A lot of things change in 100 years, for better or worse
  2. Baylor is loaded
  3. Yeah PG came out of the woodwork and thought he was a TSSAA legal/bylaw expert before Fayetteville withdrew their appeal for cheating
  4. “Hey honey, I’m going to be called head coach and it’s going to cost us at least 12k a year” sounds like something that will fly like a lead balloon. That’s just foolish IMO
  5. Huge pay cut coming from RuCo to FC. Not sure why a young man, especially one starting a family would want to do that. Hope FC ends up with a great coach!
  6. Great class!! Good enough to be the 7th best... in the conference
  7. Being “tired” in a 32 minute high school basketball game is ridiculous. I remember a lot about playing high school basketball but being tired in a game was not one of them. Go Blue!
  8. I think FC is in a tough spot being that the system doesn't pay very well. Any quality candidate can cross the border to Alabama or go up the road to Rutherford Co. and make a considerable amount more than teaching and coaching in FC. They've done some things in recent years to try and help that situation, but it's not enough to entice a quality coach from elsewhere.
  9. Population has nothing to do with the OOZ multiplier though. Alabama has smaller population than TN and has 7 classes across the board in the main sports (which is absurd IMO). TN would be best served to go 5 public school classes across the board in the main sports. Apply the OOZ multiplier like GA does. I also wish TSSAA would classify each sport individually. For example, more schools play basketball than baseball or softball. With all the small charters and such schools popping up this number is sure to continue growing. Take the number of schools that actually play the sport, then divide up your classifications accordingly.
  10. Tennessee should do what Georgia does regarding OOZ students. In GA every student that attends a school from out of zone is counted twice and that school is classed accordingly to the number after the multiplier. For example School A has 1,000 students. 200 of those students do not live in that school's zone. Thus School A's enrollment is 1,200 after the mulitplier... similar to the 1.8 TSSAA used a while back.
  11. He was an out going senior. However the O-D is no different than participating in the underclassmen portion of Army All American game in Texas was my understanding or other combine like events. Since it's not exclusive, as they'd lead you to believe, it's not considered an all star game but more like a camp with a game at the end. If i had an underclassmen that wanted to participate, I'd definitely get it okayed with the state office.... but we see how that can work out too.
  12. I had a player do O-D Bowl series a few years ago. He paid to to go down. Trust me, its a pay to play. It's a showcase camp setting with a game at the end. Similar to 7 on 7 tournaments except it is full contact. My guy went down to New Orleans for a regional "bowl" and I assure you he paid to play. It's a scam. The top performers from the game, then are selected to go on to other bowl. No different from the Under Armor Baseball Factory and other events. I'd be willing to be that OD sends out thousands of emails and the ones that cut the checks are "selected". There's a reason it has no validity.
  13. I'm not sure the 0-D All Star Game constitutes an all star game being that it is open to anyone willing to write a check. If it were deemed to be a legit all star game, the underclass FB player would not be eligible. You can't cut a check and play in the McDonald's All American game, or the Army All American game. Good examples and explanations here: https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/08/11/perfect-game-classic-tssaa-rule-keeps-robert-hassell-ryan-hagenow-out-all-star-game/1981266001/ https://www.knoxnews.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/07/11/high-school-baseball-farragut-tssaa-tennessee-2019/1707665001/
  14. Athletes can participate in all star games (i.e. UnderArmor All American Game, Army All American Bowl in Texas, McDonald's All American Game, etc.) but it depends on when the game takes place. It's not an issue with football or basketball. The biggest stink with this is with baseball and the Perfect Game All American Game in San Diego in August. This year is a perfect example. Some kids from TN were allowed to participate due to the fact that the game took place before their school year started. Some were not allowed to play, because the first day of school at their particular school had already taken place. It's a stupid rule that will be overturned and will be discussed at regional meetings, but a rule none the less. Not to long ago players would drop out of school, play the all star game, and then re-enroll. TSSAA had to nip that in the bud as well.
  15. The Tullahoma zone is the city limit. The morons at Fayetteville City should have set it the same. I dealt with the TSSAA for over 12 years and know eligibility inside and out. You know a little law, and nothing about eligibility apparently.
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