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  1. thegreatwhite1


    He's talking about softball.
  2. thegreatwhite1

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    The same people that wouldn't be happy with this hire are the same sorry parents that have raised a generation (3-5years) of losers that have led Central athletics to decline across the board in all boys sports. Great hire by the Big Blue!
  3. thegreatwhite1


    The Jackal is on the prowl!
  4. thegreatwhite1

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Go pummel your pet goat. The AD at Central is just fine. What does one sport get that other sports do not?
  5. thegreatwhite1

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Hire.... Derrick.... Now!!! Go Blue!
  6. thegreatwhite1

    Derrick Davis resigns (Polk Co.)

    When the Title IX mafia wants to play soccer on that Grider mans field, they will... you think im joking but im not
  7. thegreatwhite1

    Derrick Davis resigns (Polk Co.)

    I was lucky to be at Polk Co. From 2009-2013 coaching baseball... those were great years to be a part of Wildcat athletics! All sports we’re rocking and rolling and the community support was awesome! I wish Derrick nothing but the best in his future endeavors!
  8. thegreatwhite1


    I have no idea or insight on what happened but player health concerns is probably a big part of it I'd imagine. Coaches wouldn't want their kids throwing a max effort bullpen on a Saturday after lifting heavy on Friday perhaps? Perhaps they are on some kind of throwing program and throwing 8 fastballs as hard as possible would be detrimental. These college "showcases/camps" in the fall are for one thing, and one thing only... raising money to pay their volunteers and assistants. Trice knows what he's doing.
  9. Seems like a top down loser mentality at Warren and White. No program in any sport is successful with a culture of excuse making... which is exactly how I read into this situation. I'd be ashamed of my alma mater if they attempted a cowardly move such as this. If White can't win in 5-5A they should turn the football field into a full time soccer stadium and shut football down for good. From top to bottom, it's an extremely mediocre football region. More than half of the teams in 5-5A didn't notch a win over a team that finished the year with a winning record. Shame on White and shame on Warren.
  10. thegreatwhite1

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Lay off the peyote partner
  11. thegreatwhite1

    TSSAA "Penalty Free Year" Rule change (Transfers)

    Here's a question that would have to be answered. Little Johnny plays football at a 4A school. He transfers to a 5A school. Little Johnny also plays basketball. His previous school was a 3A basketball school and so is his new school, thus no change in classification. Just one example of the can of worms that could be opened. I personally think it's a good proposal.
  12. thegreatwhite1


    Great point. Rockvale is opening next year and starting in 5A
  13. thegreatwhite1

    Super 32 on the way back?

    I agree with what you are saying... but as someone that has coached in multiple classifications I can definitely say that numbers do make a difference. In theory 1000 more students = 500 more boys. Out of those 500 boys statistically there would have to be a few that would at worst be good enough to contribute.
  14. thegreatwhite1

    Super 32 on the way back?

    Exactly. Nothing changes except for football. Presently there are so many schools in the other sports that compete against schools with twice the enrollments in the regular season and playoffs. Get better is the only answer to their predicament. I like the GA model. Same classes across all the main sports. If you don't make the top 4 in your region in the regular season, you don't make the playoffs.
  15. thegreatwhite1

    Franklin County at Summit

    Best of luck to the Rebels