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Everything posted by nitetrain

  1. nitetrain

    Grundy @ Cannon

    Who calls the offense for Grundy? Who calls the defense?
  2. nitetrain

    Grundy football and new coach

    What was Tate selling
  3. nitetrain

    Grundy County

    Maybe he wanted to put distance between himself and the high school program. How many kids are playing from North End? How many from Tracy?
  4. nitetrain

    Grundy County Jackets 2014

    I thought we were talking football. I don't know anything about the baseball and softball.
  5. nitetrain

    Grundy County Jackets 2014

    That doesn't match up with what I've been told, but you would probably know better than me. The current workouts were described like this, but not the workouts of the past couple of years.
  6. nitetrain

    Grundy County Jackets 2014

    Grundy County is big enough to have two high schools. Anyone against that needs to give reasons. Why not have two high schools? Do the same thing get the same results. Change it up on that mountain.
  7. nitetrain

    Grundy County Jackets 2014

    If you had two schools, the people would go all out to beat the other high school. You know like that Big 8 thing you do. The high school that was losing would try its best to hire a coach that could beat the other high school (Marion, South Pitt) they are good because they have next door competition. Without competition complacency sets in. Nobody in Grundy expects to win and nobody cares. Thats why your sorry coach gets to keep his job. But if the coach was losing to high school in same county changes would be made. And from what I hear your losing the one good coach you had.
  8. nitetrain

    Grundy County Jackets 2014

    Competition is healthy. Grundy County should have two high schools.
  9. nitetrain

    Grundy County Jackets 2014

    Is it true that the Bryants and Evans are the only coaches left on the football staff? If so, that may explain the relaxed workout regiment.
  10. nitetrain

    Grundy County Jackets 2014

  11. nitetrain

    Whitwell football

    Well, did yall get a coach yet?
  12. nitetrain

    Whitwell football

    Who is going to be head coach at Whitwell?
  13. nitetrain

    Moore County

    Does one have to have HC experience to be a HC? Its nice if they have had success but most of them already have jobs. I see no difference in hiring a proven assistant over a known mediocre HC. JMO.
  14. Dont say this much, but I will be pulling for the Warriors tonight. I hope they can come together as a team and pull out the win.
  15. nitetrain

    Grundy at Upperman Round 1

    There are basic ways to slow a rush down if your having trouble blocking it. Screens, slants, now routes, etc.
  16. nitetrain

    Grundy County Football

    Wouldn't a proven coach still need proven assistant coaches?
  17. Going to be a good one, but South Pitt pull away late. South Pitt - 41 Dunlap- 20
  18. I'm sure there are coaches willing to become head coaches. Who says that they won't be good people? If people arent happy then change is inevitable. This is how it starts.
  19. We are what we are like it or hate it. You always will be with that attitude. To me that is the attitude of a loser. Sorry. I'm not trying to be mean, but if we are what we are is the attitude of a team or fanbase then yes its time for change on some level.
  20. nitetrain

    Grundy County Football 2013

    Sour Grapes over your son not getting playing time. And thats all that is, but addressing winning up on that hill.....well they have never won a championship in football...ever...in 80 some odd years and I believe Mr.Colquit was the coach there for a period of time so I would say your problems are more than coaching.
  21. nitetrain

    Sequatchie County Indians

    I think Jason Evans, Mike Brown, and maybe Heath Mason....? Can't remember that well. Not sure how many years he coached up there.
  22. nitetrain

    Sequatchie County Indians

    Are you guys any closer to hiring a coach?
  23. nitetrain

    Sequatchie County Indians

    I don't think that holds anybody back these days.
  24. nitetrain

    Grundy at Cheatham: Round One Matchup

    Grundy has historically been a .500 team. If coaching is the problem, then Grundy has had alot of bad coaches for a very long time.