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  1. I didn't see the scrimmage verse Fairview. So I really can't say. What I know about the past Fairview teams this game could be very close or Fairview by a couple of touchdowns. Waverly's secondary is their weak spot. Didn't really notice it in the Hickman game but when Swenson throws the ball 7 times against them that says something about that unit. Huntingdon rarely throws the ball. 4 completions for 141 yards. Hickman just doesn't have the offensive style to throw the ball. Are ya'll passing the ball much this year? I know Hughes like to run the spread.
  2. This for sure isn't the Waverly of the past 4-5 years. The game was really close 3 mins into the 3rd quarter, 12-14 Waverly and 7 of Waverly's points were off a blocked punt on our side of the field. First half I felt like Hickman played better than Waverly but I liked said many of times our coach does a poor job making adjustments at half. We've had a lot of halftime leads and be blown out in the second half. Even someone close to the coach said Hickman comes out and plays terrible in the second half and that falls on the coach in my opinion. I'm not saying Hickman has great players but I've seen what we can be when we do have a coach that can take our players to the next with well disciple and off season program. Good job to Waverly on your first win of the season.
  3. Our coach doesn’t make adjustments! So yeah doesn’t take much to do that.
  4. 12-34 Waverly when I left in 3rd quarter. Once again Harrison doesn’t make half time adjustments. 6-7 at half.
  5. Did he play in the Huntingdon game? He got hurt in the Camden game, correct?
  6. Yeah Swenson was only here 2005-2007. Harrison was one of his assistants then he went to Perry County for a few years before coming back to Hickman.
  7. Yeah that 9-1 South Gibson team got beat by 4-6 East Hickman. And the falling year got beat by us. I wouldn’t count them as a good team. Both in the first round of the playoffs. I say the Wayne County teams those years were better than Huntingdon. Yes it’s double edge sword. Same opponents but two. Accept it!
  8. Swenson was here from 2005-2007. He turned our program around and left for Huntingdon, which is my understanding where he’s wife was from. We’ve had 3 coaches since him. The other good coach we had was Rewis. He was very discipline and made his teams tough. The one good year (2014) so far with our coach now I give credit to Rewis. At times I do like Harrison’s play calling because he mixes it up. But his teams are not conditioned and disciplined enough to Rewis standards. We’ve had a lot leads in the first half and get blown out in second. We should have won the Lawrence County game but we got holding penalty after hold penalty and a few unsportsmanlike penalties in the 4th quarter.
  9. Yeah. But I was point out 2013 and 2014 seasons when we played Camden to Beagle. Who said we didn't scheduled tough opponents during that time. But had 8 of the same opponents as him. We also played Wayne County during that time and he can ask Huntington how tough and good they were during that time.
  10. First year wasn’t but the second year it was McConnell first season there. Wish Hickman would get back to playing that type of ball but I doubt it will happen under the current coach. If I remember correct Hickman was 8-1 against Waverly before McConnell. It’s amazing how McConnell changed that program so quick. Says a lot about him as a coach and a lot about the previous coach.
  11. Saying we didn’t play good teams those two year is a double edge for you since Camden was in district and their was 9 teams. So we had the same opponents besides two. Good try!
  12. Kinda like what Hickman done to Waverly for years. Racked up those wins! I only recall Hickman playing Camden twice and each team got a win. Have you seen Lawrence or Harpeth play this year? If not how can you say Camden is better.
  13. You won't have worry about your pass defense in this game. Hickman may throw the ball one time and that's a strong may.
  14. Size of a school means nothing when it comes to how good a team is. Huntingdon is definitely better than Harpeth and Lawerence County but I'm not sure about Camden. I expect this game to be close and low scoring. HIckman by 7.
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