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  1. Chairman isn't up for election since our current chairman doesn't even live here and bowers got fired?
  2. Why does Dooley have a bye in the first round?
  3. Marty Wheeler from Covington hired as Cleveland’s new head football coach.
  4. From what I saw there was a bad call by the officials in the 113 pound match and Coach Miller wasn't exactly happy about it and I believe he got a point taken for not going to the table to question the call, but instead was saying things from the bench but like I said I could be wrong. Wouldn't have mattered anyway because Bradley would have won on criteria for winning more matches. I believe it was 8 matches to 6 matches but Science Hill had more bonus point wins.
  5. Any news on the Cleveland job search?
  6. I'm all for this but what happens if a wrestler can't make it?
  7. I guess all you have to say if you're moving from private to public is that you can't afford it anymore and that's the reason you changed schools. Not gonna get denied a hardship on that.
  8. Wouldnt he have to sit a year?
  9. Luke Belcher is still in middle school I believe. I think he was just a 7th grader last year but I could be wrong.
  10. We have a dual Tournament 12/1 at Cleveland Middle. Lake Forest, Ocoee, Liberty Bell, Trion from GA, and a couple other teams are coming if you're interested. Please email [email protected]
  11. Not that I don't think Reeve is qualified because I'm sure he is, but if the program is going to head in the direction that people want it to, you have to hire someone that is relevant and can get the best kids to UTC. Now I know UTC will never get a bluechip guy like a Spencer Lee per say but I truly believe that the right coach can attract really really good kids to come but you have to have someone that is a relevant name that the kids know. There is not one high school kid in the country that knows who Ethan Reeve is.
  12. Trae McDaniel is a fargo All American!
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