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  1. You guys can't handle when you get it back!!
  2. You will get your blue ribbon
  3. Problem is some schools like Loredo should be in AA. Hard for truly small schools with 2 or 300 kids to compete. I am glad to see privates moving to d2.
  4. Wow #1 pitcher just gave up more runs than he did all season.
  5. Haven't seen Eagleville but looking at their schedule, they are a good team. What kind of stuff does the probable starters have? Mann cruises 88-89 & can run up 92ish with 12/6 curve & a cutter. What about Eagleville?
  6. Any thoughts on this matchup? Hunter Mann from Gordonsville is a beast on the mound!
  7. Something needs to change
  8. How is Loretto even in single A? 531 enrollment. Playing down in A division has given them alot of success. Boys Basketball state champs, baseball state champs, now a shot at girls basketball all in a 3 year period
  9. West is a nice player but Woodcock is on a different level. West is in top 5.
  10. Definitely would have made a difference. He is by far the best player in 7A
  11. Who are top players in 8aa?
  12. If a student athlete with a athletic record at one school turns 18 & moves out on his own to a new school district but his parents are still at the old address, would he be eligible at the new school?
  13. Hey Ole buddy, heard a couple boys got mad up here last night & quit the Monterey team. You heard anything on that? They looked pretty good.
  14. 8 deep in single A with some out for basketball? How many are in your school? Must be nice! Most single A schools are lucky to have enough to play.
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