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  1. How is Loretto even in single A? 531 enrollment. Playing down in A division has given them alot of success. Boys Basketball state champs, baseball state champs, now a shot at girls basketball all in a 3 year period
  2. Dingerdad

    District 6a Power Rankings

    West is a nice player but Woodcock is on a different level. West is in top 5.
  3. 107.7 the hub is streaming the game.
  4. Dingerdad

    District 8AA

    Definitely would have made a difference. He is by far the best player in 7A
  5. Dingerdad

    District 8AA

    Who are top players in 8aa?
  6. Dingerdad

    Transfer eligibility question?

    If a student athlete with a athletic record at one school turns 18 & moves out on his own to a new school district but his parents are still at the old address, would he be eligible at the new school?
  7. Dingerdad

    District 7A 2017

    Hey Ole buddy, heard a couple boys got mad up here last night & quit the Monterey team. You heard anything on that? They looked pretty good.
  8. Dingerdad

    Top teams in Class A 2018

    8 deep in single A with some out for basketball? How many are in your school? Must be nice! Most single A schools are lucky to have enough to play.
  9. Dingerdad


    Yep. See he could play baseball at CR cause that team has homegrown boys lol. I'm mostly just pulling your chain. Congrats to Monterey
  10. Dingerdad


    Probably not as many as Monterey lol.
  11. Dingerdad

    Clarkrange vs Pickett County

    Chance to tie with 3 seconds left but I agree we had the better team. Shot too many 3s. Should have fed Garrett all night. It couldn't be stopped.
  12. Dingerdad

    Clarkrange vs Pickett County

    I'm from the Range but I will have to say the referees seemed to favor us. That was pretty obvious. Great game though & both teams left it on the floor. Shame this wasn't for the gold ball.
  13. Dingerdad


    So the answer is 3 from Monterey. Bet the hometown folk love that! Our boys at Clarkrange are born in raised in South Fentress Co.
  14. Dingerdad


    Are any of them from Baxter? Upperman & Monterey seem to be benefiting from those big nice new schools! Attracting kids from all over putnam & even Overton counties.
  15. Dingerdad


    Just curious how many on Monterey team are actually from Monterey? I only know of 2, the coaches sons