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  1. How are you guys adjusting to the new coach over there? He change things up or are you guys still running the deadly option?
  2. It’s definitely hurting high school recruits. Simply cause college coaches can eliminate the time in having to refigure a kid who hasn’t experienced that level yet
  3. I’ll take southside in a close one tomorrow. Southside gotta slow the game down and play with active hands like they did today
  4. Was on the sideline with the team cheering during sectionals
  5. It’s true he is back with the team
  6. If Ss girls play a perfect game no one can touch them.
  7. South Gibson will most likely be a spread team next season
  8. I’m not sure of many teams scheduling i knew of Cordova not wanting to play us as well as melrose. We are returning 4 of our starting Oline a QB and the RB position is in good hands. I feel the passing game will be spreader around more with the emergence of a few targets. On defense we lose a corner, jaylen Lewis both inside backers and two DTs. We had plenty depth and like said before we played ALOT OF UNDERCLASSMEN especially sophomores. Back ups showed a lot of promise
  9. Powell is going to remain as far as I’ve heard
  10. Tab will probably get the job. Northside losing out
  11. They don’t i was just saying two possible candidates i can see them going after coach Vowell too
  12. I see Milan hiring from within the staff probably Derek Carr IF he doesn’t get selected by SG. Second candidate i can see is coach ward from Crockett
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