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  1. Hardin county’s QB is up for Mr. football, and has a 6’7 TE gettin offers from power 5 schools. They’re legit
  2. Mainly ground and pound they’ll try to keep your offense off the field
  3. Lexington will try to slow this game down. It’ll be a good one
  4. Rematch from the regular season. Haywood won the first meeting 42-7. How do y’all see this one playing out
  5. Yeah they were milking the clock greatly. We can score fast, they didn’t want a boat race which they were successful at doing
  6. I’ve told ppl that Jackson SS is better then their record. They are great at tackling and there front 7 can get pressure and penetrate
  7. As well as Dyersburg kicking players off the squad for discipline reasons as well playing a bunch of sophomores. Dyersburg will be a monster next season
  8. Gave us problems just like tha team Elizabethon almost lost to after clenching there region? Haywood more then two stars trust and believe me. Both of em went down and what have we continuously done? Found a way to win. Period
  9. From tha West tha favs are Haywood and Hardin County
  10. This region reminds me of the time when region 7-4A were Haywood Covington Crockett Dyersburg Ripley Dyer county 1 region loss you might get in, two losses? You definitely weren’t getting in
  11. The OC of obion that year was our now head coach lol
  12. They’re young, once that RB got hurt it all went to sail, kid may never play again from what i heard as well.
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