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  1. I am so glad i didn’t have to play for Calhoun. Maybe he’s changed since then but man i got stories from some that played for him.
  2. Hookfin brought mental toughness back to haywood and it showed on the field. Hookfin left to go back home, and make more money. And HOOKFIN is extremely competitive he knew exactly what he was getting into. Also take into the fact he had to hire an entirely new coaching staff. This year and Hookfin first season at liberty are his only two losing seasons. He has made it to the dance, give him credit. At liberty kids were leaving NS and south Side and jcm to play for him. And no one wanted to play them period lol. When it comes down to it Hookfin has beat HC twice smith has 3 times Hookfin has been to the semis 4 times smith has once... Hookfins been to the title game once coach smith hasn’t. Coach smith’s a great coach he’s still gettin his feet wet though
  3. Coach hookfin took over a team that’s had like 3 wins in its 5 year existence he knew it would be a challenge and i believe the school is 6A in the highest class in Arkansas. He’ll be fine, he left to get paid more they offered him in the 115k range
  4. All that won’t be settled til we see what smith does. I’m not saying he’s better then hookfin, I’m not saying he’s behind them either. With hookfin we were predictable with smith not so much. Oh players are signing left and right not just prospects anymore since smiths arrival
  5. We always have D-1 prospects we had just as much as greeneville did if we want to talk about prospects. The difference is coach smith has more connections then Hookfin had. A week after Coach smith got there Darion Williamson became a 3 star athlete and had a offer from TN in 72 hrs.. and I’m not saying other teams don’t have the talent i know teams like Greenville and Elizabethan have talent over there, and with them having open zone it makes them that much dangerous.
  6. Crockett will always be a challenge. Coach ward always has them prepared
  7. I think springfield had 5 seniors so I’m very sure they’ll be the favorite to come out the west. But don’t sleep on haywood. We reload. The freshmen class turning sophomores and this sophmore class turning juniors! Gonna be a good show. Y’all know the names Decourtney Reed and Andrew reed, for the next 3 years you’ll hear of the youngest jamarious reed
  8. Yes previously he was only a basketball player before this year his last time playing football was 8th grade
  9. We lost to Springfield because of youth. The team that went to state we lost 32 seniors from that team. I agree hookfin got us back to the haywood of old. But let it sink in that coach smith had 6 months... and got them to the semis
  10. They aren’t related. Cameron Douglas just got an offer from Vanderbilt and Akron this past week
  11. Fun fact coach Tyler turner is headed back to TN will be new head coach of good pasture
  12. Crocketts losing a good bit QB and the backfield is gone, and a couple of linemen gone as well as their kicker
  13. Hookfin had that grass perfect. You’d think he was Forrest Gump the way he treated and cut that grass. I hate to see liberty athletics that bad. I’m not use to it
  14. 1.haywood 2. dyersburg 3. ripley 4. crockett 5. obion majority of Haywood’s contributors were underclassmen. The return of atlex Evans and jakaylon Taylor will be huge for the backfield will be a monster of thunder and lightning. Dyersburg will be very strong. Ripley will be senior heavy this year. Crockett will lose a lot of seniors from this past team. I don’t know much on obion
  15. Congrats lake county! S/O to my former OC coach Puckett on your first of many!
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