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  1. Our QB is a sophmore and Is a passer and makes good decisions. He’s started his varsity career 13-0 so far
  2. We are far from cocky, and we respect you. And it wasn’t to sound scary either. Y’all not the only ones that can play defense lol
  3. We will be the hardest hitting team y’all have faced
  4. Very well, could. Same i can say about My tomcats. We know it’ll be tough, hopefully the Experience our seniors have gained in playing in their now 4 straight semis will pay dividends
  5. That talk Sound good. We ain’t Pearl cohn
  6. We gone bring it. We have unfinished business and tired of being doubted! Maturity, experience, and grit will win this game.
  7. good luck tonight Dyersburg! Rep WEst TN well hopefully both us be there next week!
  8. This game will be won on field position and mistakes. Two of the 4A’s top scoring defense going at it tonight!
  9. It’s game day! One play at a time, one yard at a time! Play fast and physical! Unfinished business! All gas, no breaks!!!! Let’s go tomcats!
  10. We dropped a ton of passes against Lexington. By far our worse game this year. Defense held that RB of Lexington to 13 Carrie’s and 11 yards
  11. I see you only 14 days old on the T… this explains a lot lol
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