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Best Player in State?


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lol...kyle had a tough match today against ian...chadwell is probably my pick to win the tournament


I agree with you. That was a really hard match to watch wishing in. But def in the final I think it will be Chadwell v. Williams. with Chadwell coming through. Wishing had some really great serves but Chadwell had an amazing return. Also Williams had a really great forehand today that was very impressive.

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girlie r u Cutter's sister or friend because both of u have Arsenal icons.


No relation and I don't know who is actually using the Cutter name, all I'm guessing is that it's a siegel kid. Anyway, I'm a huge arsenal fan and a Kentucky basketball fan too, thus the UK part. Anyway, while I'm babbleing on, why does it matter anyways?

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i gotta go with Chris Williams, Ian may be better for his age but Chris is a senior and Ian is only a freshman


Oh really, I had no idea that Ian was only a freshman. Man he's really good. I guess I mainly picked him to win cause I had expected wishing to have won their match but was pretty shocked when he didn't. Ian played really well. But I could easily see Williams pulling through in the final as well. Williams played right in the front court and I could tell that he had and amazing stroke and played very well. Have you been going to watch them play at MTSU?

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    • No sir. Not staying at East. But definitely not going to Elizabethton. 
    • Football and basketball coaches should not be making 100,000 not teaching any classes unless their winning state championship every year lol
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