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Riverdale's John Wild Resigns

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Would be suprised to see Cope, Coleman, or Hodges taking the job. I would think that the Insell family would have some kind of impact here somewhere. Who knows?

One thing that is for sure, all roads to that job will go thru Principal Nolan and before he makes his decision, thru some parents of the team. There is so much talent there who have numerous schools looking at them, there will be a lot of consultation and interest on who will get the job. As with previous selections, the Coach selected with be a well known person as has been in the past. Two State Tournament wins, a lot of returning players will make a pressure packed decision that won't get too far off the Warrior track too far. What is interesting is only one female has been mentioned.

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Please elaborate on who these people are and why some of them would even be "rumored".


1. David Byrd - former Wayne Co coach who has multiple state tourny appearances and titles. Wants to prove his worth at the AAA level.

2. Joe Pat Cope - former White County legend took dormat DeKalb from an 0-for to a .500 team

3. Larry Helton - multiple state tourny appearances at Forrest and Lewis Co

4. Tim Gardner - was a force as a coach several years ago at Riverside. Has recently fell on hard times but would be an excellent candidate.

5. Clifford Coleman - he's not getting paid to be just an AAU coach for no reason

6. Bruce Slatton - got a ring as boys coach at Perry Co and almost got one as girls coach at Moore Co

7. Tom Hodges - head coach at Morehead St, wants to move back home

8. David Lee - coached 2 miss basketball winners at Perry Co

9. Chad Hibdon - if you can't beat em, join em

10. Jeremy Wilhelm - Trousdale Co head coach. I mean, his nickname is Wormy. He's gotta be on the list.

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not surprising. hope they stay in-house, (kari goodwin?)

IMO,Riverdale will not be adverse to hiring someone again who if opportunities existed would leave the school for another assistant job in a University/DI School. In the past, it is obvious that the coaching ranks at a lot of schools have been full of some of the finest high school coaches. Generations of selectors of those coches are beginning to change and what may be important now is to select them or train others as to what to look for in that area. How well that is done will go a great distance in keeping the coaching talent refurbished.

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Good move on his part to move on. Wild is a smart man and has coached some great talent. However, there is going to be a major power shift in girls basketball in Rutherford in the next few years. Blackman is going to be strong and so will Smyrna. This year will be really interesting and riverdale will be challenged. Btw cliff is at Lancaster Christian, so it's not him.

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