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Should a college prospect play in High School?

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Cheney is the reason why you shouldn't play high school ball. No way it's selfish, it was the 100 percent right thing to do. That is why Bearden is such a tragic story. Arguably the two best players to ever play in Knoxville (her and the Libero who is now at Louisville) at the same school and no state championship? How is that not directly linked to coaching.


Put those two at Webb, Anderson County or Catholic and they would have gone undefeated.


If I were a D1 prospect that has to tell you something.

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There's a D1 commit (Nebraska, one of the top programs in the country) that did NOT play high school vb this year though she did play her freshman year.  I asked her personally why she didn't play and she said that she knew that she wanted to commit this year and wanted to get as much training as possible.  That wasn't going to happen at her high school.  Her freshman year while she was there she broke 4 fingers (which the coach didn't even bother to ask about) and pulled a muscle in her shoulder.  All due to no technique and poor muscle training.  She enjoyed the team and the girls but her goal was to stay healthy and to get better.  She would leave practice and go to either rehab or to her club to get 1 on 1 training with her club coach so that she would not get any worse.  I totally understand that.  I mean really. I don't think it's selfish it's smart.  I think the memories that she'll have from playing college will be far better and last longer than high school.  Selfish is not being supportive and understanding that there are others out there who just don't feel the same as you do. Oh, and she plays at K2.  Everyone on her club team is a D1 prospect.  Even the girls on the bench.  That's how far coaching, training, and building relationships with colleges can get you.  Doesn't matter about your personal feelings about the club.  The proof is there.  Though I will say that out of all of those prospects only 2 of the girls did NOT play high school but none of the girls are being recruited from high school.  Why don't coaches up their game?  Why don't parents allow their kids to be coached hard?  Why don't high school coaches actually train instead of relying on club then getting upset when club upstages their program?  Why don't they build relationships with colleges?  It's mind boggling to me.



Just looking at the roster for Nebraska for next year and did not see anyone who is from Tennessee listed.  What happened?

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With two big time D1 players one on Bearden and one on Farragut this season, both Juniors, and both literally in my back yard, I wanted to revisit this topic.


Does it help either player to play high school?


Risk of injury playing in practice and against badly coached teams who come under the net almost ever play.


Risk of burnout.


And playing with and against players of a much weaker skill set.


Is playing high school worth it, or should they use this time to train for a chance at a club national championship?

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I am torn on this one. I agree that the Bearden player does nothing to help herself by playing high school. If I were the Nebraska coaches I would say work hard in club. Even with her I don't see Bearden going very far, and what does she gain by playing.


The Farragut player needs to play. I think she needs the experience.

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Every kid is a college prospect. If you think college is only Division I or "your" idea of what college should be, that's a mistake. Can't allow elitism to creep into our collective mindset and become infested in us. It's dangerous.


Can't think of a single player I've encountered over time who skipped high school ball. I can think of many, many, many kids who gave up another high school sport to focus on volleyball, but not one who skipped entirely.


I agree with the selfish comment 100%. Yes, there can be inconsistences between what is taught at club vs high school... and plenty of them at that... but who really benefits from not competitively playing their sport of choice for 6+ months straight?

I'm curious about your "selfish" comment. What does any kid owe their school? The answer is nothing. The school and its many activities are there to support the student not the other way around. There's no "duty" or "responsibility" owed by a kid to a school. To suggest that a kid owes the school or other students anything is to completely misunderstand the function of schools themselves. Would you demand that a less talented player owes the school to get better?


I disagree 100% with this line of thinking.

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