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2019 Johnny Drennan Invitational Preview

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Here is a list of the ranked wrestlers scheduled to compete in Nashville this weekend at the Johnny Drennan Invitational hosted by Father Ryan. Just as always I am fully aware that certain teams may not be there but these are the teams that are listed on the team list on TrackWrestling.



4. Calvin Easton (Father Ryan)


2. Cade Holloway (Notre Dame)

4. Glen O’Daniel (Bradley Central)

5. Brooks Mcafee (Father Ryan)


1. Wes Davaney (Bradley Central)

2. William Witt (Cane Ridge)

3. Paul Killian (Father Ryan)

4. Eli Clemmons (Lebanon)

5. Frank Perazzini (MBA)

6. Riley Clark (Brentwood Academy)


1. Brayden Palmer (Beech)

2. Luke Dezember (Lawrence Co)

3. Griffin Habacker (Father Ryan)


2. Sean Pitts (Father Ryan)

2. Riley Bennett (Fairview)

3. Dominic Williams (Lawrence Co)

4. Christian Isbell (Clarksville)

5. Will Higgins (MBA)

6. Joseph Curley (Nashville Christian)


1. Job Dooley (Franklin)

2. Cameron Henderson (Smyrna)

3. Houston Crouch (Father Ryan)

5. Sebastian Hernandez (Bradley Central)

5. Blake Andrews (MBA)

6. Manny Scott (Brentwood Academy)


2. Cole Klingensmith (Summit)

3. Jacourey Miller (Father Ryan)

4. Ty Reed (BGA)

5. Ely Castillo (Clarksville)


3. Logan Spell (Brentwood Academy).

4. Drew White (Franklin Road)

5. Mason Smith (Beech)

5. Andrew Nelson (Father Ryan)

6. Dan McGuire (MBA)


1. Lawrence Madson (Father Ryan)

3. Steven Weist (Mt Juliet)


2. Parker Peterson (Father Ryan)

3. Robert White (Fairview)

3. Dylan Quinn (Mt Juliet)

5. Gabe Smith (Clarksville)

6. Ryan Brown (Lebanon)


4. Cade Young (Houston)

4. Dominic Fisher (MBA)

5. Henry Hagey (Father Ryan)

5. Larry Johnson (Bradley Central)

6. Samuel Smith (Clarksville)


1.Devin Gibson (Bradley Central)

2. Evan Clemmons (Lebanon)

3. Kane Kleowtis (Father Ryan)

4. Adam Young (Nashville Christian)

5. Teddy Hollaway (BGA)

5. Jonah Albert (Franklin)


1. Will Taylor (Brentwood Academy)

1. Bradley Williams (Clarksville)

2. Skylar Coffey (Brentwood)

6. Gabe Holmes (Father Ryan)

6. Dylan Cunningham (Hendersonville)


1. Thomas Gore (Brentwood Academy)

2. Tymon Mitchell (Franklin Road Academy)

5. Felix Wilson (Father Ryan)

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Kentucky  adds a few to the mix

126.  2- Sam bacon-union

132. 2 gabe Adams--union

145. 2 Payne Carr-union

160. 3 Stephen little- union

170 1 micah Ervin union

        2 colin Steven's trigg

195. 3 Logan diesel mccracken 

220. Mathias Ervin union 

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50 teams will be competing in this year's tournament.


They are:

1 Arkansas Catholic 
2 Athens, AL 
3 Battle Ground Academy
4 Beech Senior
5 Bradley Central
6 Brentwood Academy
7 Brentwood High
8 Briarcrest
9 Caldwell County, KY 
10 Cane Ridge
11 Cheatham Co
12 Christian County, KY 
13 Clarksville Academy
14 Clarksville High 
15 East Side, SC 
16 Ensworth
17 Fairview
18 Father Ryan
19 Fenton, IL 
20 Fort Campbell, KY 
21 Franklin Road Academy
22 Franklin
23 Glencliff
24 Grace Academy, TN 
25 Hendersonville
26 Hillsboro
27 Hillwood
28 Hopkinsville, KY 
29 Houston High School, TN 
30 Kingsbury, TN
31 Lawrence County, TN 
32 Lebanon, TN 
33 McCracken County, KY 
34 Montgomery Bell Academy
35 Mt. Juliet
36 Mt. Paran Christian, GA 
37 Nashville Christian, TN 
38 Notre Dame
39 Overton
40 Pope John II
41 Ravenwood
42 Smyrna
43 Springfield
44 St. George, TN
45 Stratford
46 Summit
47 Trigg Couinty, KY 
48 Union County, KY 
49 West Creek, TN 
50 White Station, TN

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Track shows Jacob Haney from Lawerence Co pinning Devaney at 120 after goin up 4-0. Is this correct? If so it’s a huge upset

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