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Brennan Watkins over #5 Glen O’Daniel by fall

Cole Winer over #6 Javelle Gillespie by fall


Andrew Artiles over #3 Jacob Haney by fall

Camden Porter over #6 Cal Rogers by dec 1-0


Tanner Willett over #6 Andrew Farrar by SV1 7-5


Owen Medrano over #5 Cainon Elkins by fall


Michael Lilley over #4 Anthony Gomez by dec 5-3


Cade Meeks over #5 Gabe Smith by fall


Jonah Albert over #3 Dylan Jones by dec 6-3


Jacob Knight over #6 Luis Ramirez by fall


Andrew Cannon over #3 Bowdy Boyce by UTB 5-4

Keenan Sloan over #4 Brandon Elkins by dec 11-4

Garrett Smith over #6 Ryver Shelton by fall


Dionte Coleman over #4 Cade Salyers by dec 8-5

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1 hour ago, memphissoccerpimp22 said:

Bump plenty to start the day off lol

Definitely a handful of surprises. Makes this weekend way more interesting!

Edited by Bump11

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2 hours ago, cougars130 said:

152 #24 John Campbell over 9th seed Chavez Harden Tullahoma by Fall 

and over 8th seed Kaden White Knoxville Catholic by Fall 

I can’t tell if you’re being serious...

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13 minutes ago, cougars130 said:

At 138 the Andrew Farrar is seeded 11th not sixth and people were talking about the Tanner Willet kid was going to be someone who could possibly beat Dooley in the region tournament but yet his win counts as an upset tonight but when I say a 152 pound freshman beats the 8 and 9 seed it’s not an upset that’s funny.. 

No one was seeded 11th. They don’t seed the brackets like that. 2 maybe 3 kids in that bracket were seeded. Everyone else was random 

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8 minutes ago, cougars130 said:

So please explain the top post using Seeds as a an example of why their was an upset? 

I know they don’t officially seed kids but per the seeding chart on Track that’s why I was using 8 and 9. 

The # whatever beside the names means what they're ranked in state. 

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The state tournament doesn’t get seeded. Only returning medalists. Everything thing else is a random draw. Every set of 4 has a random 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th place region finisher

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