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2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

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28 minutes ago, Southtowner said:

Greenback could have gotten the young man out of the dog pile,  carried him to 1st base and allowed him to touch the bag.


Hahahaha. I would Not object!!!!

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On 5/27/2019 at 8:21 AM, orngnblk said:


Alot of talk about Greenback!Gee whiz.

 it should have read Greenback went into the state tournament with a great game plan and it worked out for them!

And Greenbacks coach made a heads-up coaching decision to get the ball back to first base because TC forgot to touch the bag and turned the game around at that point.Great coaching by the Greenback staff!

Read the article. Sounds like the writer has been dining on sour grapes. 

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