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Region 1A - Early Outlook


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2 minutes ago, GreeneDevil101992 said:

Oh I wasn’t yapping .. I just meant it in like question form 

No Sir, wasn't referring to you....was for anyone wanting to hop on a wagon they don't belong on. Some "lay in wait" to stir the wrong pot; If you know what I mean.

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Not seen Ng play personally, but Hampton defiantly played a much tougher schedule so throw out the records. I think its always hard to win at Ng so I give the huskies a slight edge in this one. I may change my mind after tonight but from what I've heard from Ng opponents fans (which doesn't mean a hill of beans LOL) Hampton probably has a slightly better team in their opinion. We may get a good gage tonight and we may not this is a weird year. 

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    • 2005 I believe. Started 5-5 and won it all. Not sure what happened from there. 
    • Hats off to the Patriots of Oakland, yous got a great team with great coaching. Now fer the Pirates, Old Pirate was a right proud of the battle between the stripes. Figure theys been lots of feuds lost to more powerful combatants, Alamo & Little Big Horn rapidly come to mind. Leastways ain’t a nary bit of shame when yous laid it on the line. Now the time to bandage up the wounded, get them on injured reserve back in the Fueding, close ranks and clean up the unnecessary penalties. OP won’t get to watch the earholing at Copper Pan but hopeful fer an injury free matchup. BTW younguns, don’t pay no attention to the distracters that are either criticizing or pumping yous rear ends full of smoke, jest fine tune moving forward & continue to be coachable. Obviously theys been a HEEP of improvement. 
    • At some point you have to place some blame on Lowe for this. His teams are this way perennially it seems.
    • play calling for this game was absolutely horrible. summertown brought their game and so did lewis and lewis could move the ball down and stall out just like what happened last season against riverside in the second round. summertown played hard football and it was a very defensive game. lewis with the right play caller is a very good team, but if they don’t sort things out i could see a short season for these boys. 
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