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Region 1A - Early Outlook


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Hampton is rolling, tough schedule early makes there record not as impressive but now when playing local AA and A teams you can see the confidence building. Good effort on D and are very deep shows this team is built for a deep post season. Plenty to improve on obviously but lots to look forward too if covid allows us to continue on. 

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1 hour ago, pujo said:

For sure, got some other young one's who need it badly  also, think they play on the varsity so I doubt well see them until BB is over.

Playing Providence again with no seniors. Not sure what this is about but apparently it doesn't count or something.

We're down 20-25 at half. Was down 12-0 Lol

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14 hours ago, chill said:

Every game counts against your numbers. You can’t sit seniors vs a varsity team and call it JV. I do think numbers will be ignored this year due to the cancellations. 

Providence isn't TSSAA sactioned. Number of games had to do with our seniors not playing. It was designated a JV game. 

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45 minutes ago, GreeneDevil101992 said:

Heard a kid walked off the floor for Hampton tonight during the South Greene game will this hurt them?

Before someone starts yapping about something they know nothing about,  I'll just say the kid left the bench. Didn't just walk off the floor.  

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