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NCS vs DCA - rematch for a gold ball


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21 hours ago, Theonlyone said:

Any predictions?

It's supposed to be great football weather high 60's, so I would say this is going to be a great game. NCS will have to establish the run early, against that tough defense. I do think it will be a great game I am saying 28-24 NCS for the Gold Ball. Should be a great game I am excited to watch.

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Lots of talent on the field tomorrow, I mentioned All the Mr Football finalist playing also all the TN All State( 1st & 2nd team)  kids b/w LA & CPA total 18 , DCA /NC total 17 . I encourage everyone who loves HS football get out to the games 70 degrees Thursday and Friday. 

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14 hours ago, stephenhargisunderstudy said:

Should be a great game much like earlier in the year. I think DCA wins, but I'm admittingly biased as an alumn.

Folks rolling into town for the game(s), check out Chattanooga Brewing Co. or Naked River right next door to Finley. Enjoy the football and this great city! 

Will be the two best in the division fighting it out. Both teams have talent, speed, and size as well as great coaching. 

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