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On 4/15/2023 at 5:29 PM, TotallynotLEO said:

Why so snarky? You're clearly upset.  If it bothers you that much leave the sport. 

Kids are not softer, the sport is still tough. 

It seems like it's one again,  it's the adults that are upset about things more than the kids are.  

genie's out of the bottle and I don't spend the time I used to anyways with the sport, especially since the son didn't want to wrestle and stuck to soccer. Oh and by the way, since the sport has supposedly grown because of the more divisions, please let me know how many wrestlers there are now compared to say 10, 15, 20 years ago, I mean that is the main argument for it but no numbers have ever been produced.

Also since this is to grow wrestling, since we have 3 divisions if we really want to grow wrestling I think maybe we should have 25 weight classes, that way everyone can fit in. Start at 100 and have a weight class every 5lbs until we get to 200. Go 210, 230, 260 and unlimited. I mean when I was in high school we had a kid that came to practice every single day, worked just as hard as everyone else, but could never get down to 275 and I'm not sure he ever got to even wrestle a match. He wanted to be part of the team and he wanted to lose weight and also be with his friends and that was what pushed him to continue, but I don't think he ever got a match in and his only wrestling was during practice, but he had the drive to participate and maybe an unlimited class would really help bring in some of the football players that use to wrestle but cannot anymore because college football programs are wanting their OL and DT to be 300 plus.  


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