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Chittum Leaving Iowa


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13 minutes ago, facenthecrowd said:

I wonder how long this will last.


I think ISU will stick. From what i've seen he left after an altercation with Ferrari. 


ISU is a better fit for him anyways. Vionavich just transfered in at Iowa, then there's Woods and Siebrecht as well. He'd struggle to find a starting spot.


At ISU hes got Johnson below him, Carr above him and Metcalf coaching. 

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28 minutes ago, oceansize42 said:

The meltdown in the Iowa Hawkeye wrestling forums will be monumental lol.

They are, ive been following those and the intermat forums today. Immediately after Flo announced Cody's switch they began talking about a new coaching staff to replace TNT.

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18 minutes ago, GoTNwrestling said:

I was reading if Chittum could get in the line-up he will be a national qualifier and maybe an AA. This was a good move for him. He’s able to get on the mat and really have a shot at a starting spot. 

Agreed, the rest of the wrestling world hates it, but I think the move is great. 

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16 hours ago, WrestlingGod said:

Come on, grow up, support our TN alum. 


Hes the best shot we have, as a state, at getting another NCAA champ. 

Like I said. I’ll wait until next week to see where he commits to next. Then I might have to wait until the next week after that too. 

Too much bouncing around for my liking.

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