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After 10 years Alcoa replacing the original turf field with a new turf field for $750,000

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15 hours ago, rebelwoman87 said:

The Tinheads must like me more than I thought. Because they were open last year for me. :wub:

them Goons can toss out that red carpet treatment when the Goons desire it....and would expect nothin else for rebelwoman87

Booger just sayin Red Carpet GIF by My Protein Bites

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On 2/22/2024 at 5:32 PM, BarneySox2007 said:

Congratulations to Alcoa's AD for being on the ball and bringing it to the attention of the school board that the field may not pass an impaction test the next time in getting the funding for a new field to be installed  here shortly. I was under the impression these fields were to last longer than this but you can look at one that is 8 or 9 years old and has a glaze look across the field. Didn't realize there was a impaction test on these fields so some of these schools better be ready when the piper calls because $750K is a lot of money.

Why pay when you can get it for free. There are thousands of them like this. Some are  federal grants some private . Here is just one example    https://sportsvenuecalculator.com/knowledge/artificial-turf-field/grants-for-artificial-turf-field-installation-and-resurfacing-for-schools-and-communities/

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I was kind of surprised to read this. I thought the general concision was most programs are going back to natural grass. Personally, I have never liked turf. I see the arguments on both side for or against it. I just never liked them. Also, I did not know there as an impaction test that these fields had to pass. Good stuff OP

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