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After 10 years Alcoa replacing the original turf field with a new turf field for $750,000

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Congratulations to Alcoa's AD for being on the ball and bringing it to the attention of the school board that the field may not pass an impaction test the next time in getting the funding for a new field to be installed  here shortly. I was under the impression these fields were to last longer than this but you can look at one that is 8 or 9 years old and has a glaze look across the field. Didn't realize there was a impaction test on these fields so some of these schools better be ready when the piper calls because $750K is a lot of money.

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12 hours ago, BarneySox2007 said:

Makes you wonder how Knoxville will pay for all of theirs when the time comes. Not sure the Haslam's would have any more vested interest since they've sold all shares in the Pilot.

Good point Barney.  Some Knox County schools may be up against it to come up with that type of money unless someone gave them advice to develop a financial plan for upgrades when they were installed. I bet the latter as most schools were just happy to get the turf for free. $750,000 is some serious cash to cough up for turf upgrades. I’m old school Barney, not a big fan of the turf fields. I like a well kept Bermuda field, to me they are beautiful. I get the advantage arguments for the turf fields, but the grass fields to me is what high school football should be played on.  I think we just got lazy with field upkeep or some schools do not have quality help to take care of the field.  Back in the day, coaches took care of the field and still coached the team. 

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22 hours ago, Turtle said:

They need to work on getting bathrooms on the visitor side and also up grade the bathrooms they have to be in compliance with being handicap accessible 

When going to the other side to take a crap at Alcoa always remember to maintain eye contact and establish dominance.

360_F_382259079_vDER53SkzQngZfJMbFx3H5EpnFxVc2TN (1).jpg

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