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A great idea by QueenBee has been turned into reality with the creation of this board. Please add contributions of high school athletes in their off-the-court/field lives.

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Thank you, Coach T...


I know that with all the negative things said about athletes today...there are that many and more positive things that our kids do each and every day...and not because they have to...but because they know it's the right thing to do...


Thank you for this opportunity for giving us the forum to congratulate them and to show that we do appreciate them, not only on the field or court...but as important and needed members of our communities...


Posters...tell us about these kids...these athletes that go above and beyond to help, volunteer, to just be good all-around kids...

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Absolutely the BEST idea since coacht.com. I know of so many wonderful examples and can hardly wait to sample some of yours.


coachT, I think you should begin this with a story of your own.

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yeah this was a great idea.... so what made u come up with this idea




I work with kids everyday...and while I'll be the first to admit that there are some not so great behaviors going on...most all of the kids I come into contact with are good kids...


All you ever hear about is the bad things kids do...it's always on the front page...the good...great things kids do...is pushed to the back of the paper... and maybe if we started accentuating the positive...kids will begin to believe that's the proper way to do things...


I really believe that 99% of the kids out there are good...and I just think we need a place to tell about it...


Yes...I would love to hear about the organized things kids become involved with...but sometimes all it takes to make a difference is for someone to tell a kid...thanks for holding the door the other day...or that was really nice of you to help little Delbert with his math...


I know there are a million stories out there...so let's hear them...

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