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  1. 3 points
    Barney, The stadium was pressure washed, not painted. You guys will replace your turf 2 or 3 more times before the Gov Club has to come scrape!!!
  2. 2 points
    WRONG. On every level, that's an untrue statement. If your school isn't meeting your standards, get off your tail and get involved...not slandering and downgrading involved either. As a taxpayer (presumably), the school belongs to you and your community. School boards meet monthly, so go to one and ask some questions. All the facts are available at your Director of Schools fingertips, such as ACT scores, graduation rates, college enrollment percentages, ect.. Uncle Sam mandates that these benchmarks are monitored, and comparison's to other schools are supposed to be public knowledge. Ask about the Ayers Foundation (I believe that it's available to your system) also...with their counselors and grant writers, virtually every student with passing grades who wishes to enroll in higher education will have the opportunity. If your public school is underachieving, you have the opportunity to run for your district's board seat and change things...or you can just anonymously slur them on a sports forum's message board and see if that helps. Just a FYI...at Scotts Hill our average ACT score last year was between 22 and 23 (state target is 21 by 2021), graduation rate was 100% (averaging over 98% for the last six years), college enrollment was over 90% (check it for yourself), and proficiencies in every subject were well above state averages. The school has won state awards for those numbers, we have had the teacher of the year for the entire state, and many individual students have received national accolades for their achievements. Bragging? Yes, and if our little hole in the wall, one four way stop town who educates every kid who gets off the bus can do it, yours can as well.
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    1. Fairview 2. Sycamore 3. Creek Wood 4. Montgomery Central 5. Kenwood 6. Cheatham County Quarter Finals-Monday-May 7 Final Score: Creek Wood (3) Cheatham (1) Final Score: Montgomery Central (1) Kenwood (0) Semi-Finals-Tuesday-May 8 Fairview hosting Montgomery Central Sycamore hosting Creek Wood
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    Congrats on the opportunity my friend.
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  6. 1 point
    You definitely have a great deal to brag about tradertwo. Sounds like you have a good thing going. Having said that, I don't believe that TheMirrorThief was completely wrong. I believe that your community is behind your school system...and help them be what they are. That is NOT the case everywhere. Your school's accomplishments are unique. The state as a whole is much further behind. You surely understand the complaints of those whose schools are behind...and I'm sure they are concerned, involved people. Running for a board seat doesn't necessarily change things if the money to make changes isn't available. My school MtP has been revitalized recently...after floundering for several years. We have had some recent growth...but we are still very far behind. I definitely understand the frustration of others...
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    Welcome to the club, but I usually learn something from him everytime he posts. LOL
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