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  1. Yes!!!!!! We would like to taste that fancy cheese just one time wouldn't we Pujo?.... We are not asking for much just one time.......
  2. Safe travels coming up to Hampton. Looking forward to Friday too. I'll say this I've always respected Trousdale. I watched the 2005 game and I agree with other posters, that was the best team that Hampton has ever played. If y'all beat us Friday I'll be pulling for you all during the championship. With that being said we've never made the championship game. We are 0 for 4 in the semi-finals whereas you guys have made the finals so many times you expect it. Maybe you all could find a soft spot in your heart and let us make it one time...
  3. Man... I've been quiet this week however this post just made the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stand up!!!!!! Great post!! You just hit the nail in the coffin...
  4. They have thank goodness but I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. A lifetime of friendships were made then. We will always be brothers!
  5. Yes! Those were the days. Good luck to all three Čarter County Schools this Friday
  6. I promise you he will remember the horse game during baseball season... now that was a hoot,.
  7. What wonderful memories we had then Tell him to ask that Milhorn feller about the horse game....
  8. King, it's crazy that this year there will be three semi-final games in Carter County. Upperman gets to travel to the city in the lowlands, Trousdale to the foot of the mountains to play and South Pitt....well all the way to the Clouds of Carter Co the problem with this is I'm afraid it will hurt attendance at all three games but I hope not.
  9. Hey Spike it's funny how a Meigs County poster has already started on the Hampton/Trousdale Co thread that we can't run on them. I mean if the number 1, All-American Meigs team couldn't run them, then how can we?????
  10. This will be a long ride for South Pittsburg, You might want to load the wagon and the mules around Monday to get there by Friday. You think I'm joking but I'm most definitely not!
  11. This will be the battle of Trousdale's speed versus Hampton's power game.
  12. Oneida showed Pride, Class and Character as always PCC!!. It's my understanding that you're still a young team,so look out for these injuns in the future!
  13. For the first time ever... three Carter County teams are in the semi-finals Cloudland, Hampton and Elizabethton.
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