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Everything posted by TN225

  1. Whitwell and Bledsoe play the same time at Pitt and Sequatchie
  2. Told Sequatchie is @Tech for scrimmages and then hosts Whitwell on the 9th
  3. Sequatchie, Bledsoe and Chatt Central
  4. Sonny is out 1. Greenback 109.82 2. Huntington 107.34 3. S. Pitt 106.16 4. Whitwell 105.71 5. Cornersville 102.16 6. Lake Co. 97.13
  5. The 3 lineman were named all state as juniors, not sure what is shocking
  6. Give everyone something to talk about besides Greenback’s new scholarship program. http://murphyfair.com/mfs/servlet/articlemfsviewer?1,1,Home,341
  7. Whitwell over Sale Creek 4-2 on Saturday and swept Soddy Daisy on the season 5-4 yesterday
  8. Not sure why y’all should even be worried, this it THE team that everyone in Pittsburg has been talking about. Add in Roy’s goat loading up all these Jasper kids. Shouldn’t be anyone in 1A come close.
  9. Whitwell is still a Top 8 team, for the 3rd straight year it will be Whitwell vs Pitt in the quarterfinals.
  10. Think I saw DeKalb, Coffee, Franklin, Whitwell, and South Pitt
  11. Bass I’m not disagreeing with you, Whitwell has the line but 1-2 athletes short.
  12. Ouch I still think Whitwell is at least a top 10 team. Still quarterfinals against Pitt for the 3rd straight year
  13. I agree 100%, total shame the side show that Sequatchies principal has created. To my understanding Sequatchie and Whitwell will start back to competing now he is leaving. As for Jasper, you hit it one the head BOE will have to make them play Whitwell before that game happens again.
  14. SP should be the favorite and best team in the valley, number 2 is between Bledsoe and Whitwell.
  15. Championship Rings Whitwells handed out their rings today
  16. Booger that private hatin Lane fella is being shown the curve over on Gary Rankin Avenue. Reckon you little tepee dwellin friend will have a new chief to pass around the peace pipe
  17. If Roy’s goat gets loose and finds us 1-2 good skill kids to compliment that line Whitwell might have enough to scare Pitt a little.
  18. FYI Whitwells ring ceremony is Sunday
  19. Was York not senior heavy as well ?
  20. Sequatchie must replace almost all skill positions. Upperman and coach Caine should be sitting in the semifinals once again @Alcoa
  21. Bass I’d say there aren’t many teams with a winning playoff record against the Pirates
  22. Bass maybe if Boldin leaves for Waverly he will stop by at tell Vic how on his way.
  23. Absolutely there isn’t but a handful in the state who may have a 4.5 lasered. Petty did turn in a 4.57 hand time at JSU and a 4.6 at MTSU. Lasered probably a 4.7. I was told a 4.2 shuttle at MTSU.
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