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  1. Absolutely there isn’t but a handful in the state who may have a 4.5 lasered. Petty did turn in a 4.57 hand time at JSU and a 4.6 at MTSU. Lasered probably a 4.7. I was told a 4.2 shuttle at MTSU.
  2. TN225

    Playoff crowds

    It’s all about to facilities and experience for the players. Let’s be honest there are high school stadiums in Tennessee that have better.
  3. I’m not sure, more likely will be RS and turned into a Nickel.
  4. TN225

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    I could see Dobbs. I know he was at the Trousdale/Whitwell game on his bye week
  5. TN225

    Playoff crowds

    Whitwell played a region tournament this year, Valley in the 2nd and Pitt in the Quarters. Valley didn’t bring anyone, more than Clay did but they brought maybe 15 people. The quarters and semis were pack.
  6. A real all state team has at least two Greenback lineman on it. If Bailey isn’t on a list it’s not right.
  7. TN225

    1A All-State

    So is Headrick from Whitwell.
  8. TN225

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    Pitt by 3 scores, they will be extremely hard to handle.
  9. TN225

    1A All-State

    Cause Cornersville was 40 points better than anyone in the Region. The RB from Mt Pleasant was a great ball player.
  10. TN225

    1A All-State

    Yes and AP and Coaches All State LB.
  11. TN225

    1A All-State

    Congrats to all. 9 kids from Region 3, 6 from Whitwell.
  12. TN225

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Difference would have been speed. Whitwell had the line play to get stops. But like you said what a game. Davenport, Cates, Stevens & Barker vs Petty, Wingo, Thundur, Ashworth & Stewart. Remember the mismatch was Soph CB vs SR WR in 2016, Whitwell had to play man and stack the box. Barker threw for 300 yards.
  13. TN225

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Anyway Sequatchie should finish at least 2nd in the Region next year behind Upperman. 8-2 is not out of question with losses to Pitt and Upperman. We can all be honest, nobody should touch pitt the next two years.
  14. TN225

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    1st year would have been a very good game. Line play would have went to Sequatchie with speed edge and skill to Whitwell. Barker would have been very hard to stop. The 2 did scrimmage last fall in a practice setting. This past year wouldn’t have been as good. See the score very similar to the Meigs game. I think a Whitwell/Meigs game would have been very good.
  15. TN225

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Replaced 0-10 Cumberland with 0-10 Hixson. Thought Sequatchie would hang on to Meigs