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A/AA Cross Country


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That field died because Sonnenfeldt took them out with a 2:17 first half mile. .


Whatever happened to people just going out and racing? Whats with the new chickencrap and conserving?


You may wait till the middle mile to race, but by that time it may already be too late. Besides, you're having to use all that energy to catch up.


i prefer the middle mile at the steeple opposed to the other ones

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I think a lot of people stink on the second mile because they go out to fast first mile, which kills you for the second mile because you end up trying to recover on the easiest mile of the course. Then people hit the third mile, and they are out of it mentally. My solution to a good steeple race is run the first mile intelligently



Very, very true. Although the second mile is the absolute key to running a good race, the first mile is also very important. If you go out too fast, you die way too early, and if you go out slow you can't catch up to where you need to be. The first mile is one where you need to run your pace, not much faster or slower, and then demolish the second mile. If you have anything left in the tank, the small hill going to the gravel road is a great place to surge. The third mile also presents an intriguing challenge. Until you pass the horse riding arena, the third mile contains a small little hill that kills most people. After that, the entire gravel road, is downhill. You've got it flat until about 1200 to go. At that point, if you can hold on up the hill, you can beat whoever you want to beat. The final downhill is tough. Your body is dead by that point (unless you were holding back the entire race), so its tough to keep turnover and speed up going down the hill. It also presents a golden opportunity to get passed if you don't tear through that hill, especially if you are in the front-middle pack because there are people who aren't great runners but have outstanding kicks, you can get beat. That last uphill before the finish line is sink or swim. That's steeple...not pretty, not easy, and not a whole lot of fun. But as JFK would say, "We do not choose to do these things because they are easy, but because they are hard."

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any results from any of the regions?



Region 5-AA


1. MLK - 30

2. DL - 42

3. FRA - 90

4. Hume-Fogg - 127



1. Jeff Musick (12), David Lipscomb 16:43

2. Micah Wasserman (11), MLK 16:55

3. John Gilpen (11), MLK 16:55

4. Ryan Graves (11), MLK 17:07

5. Jack Kaiser (12), FRA 17:22

6. John McCaslin (12), FRA 17:25

7. Hunter Amonette (12), David Lipscomb 17:27

8. Andrew Edgeworth (11), David Lipscomb 17:27

9. Jonathan Gilbreath (12), MLK 17:57

10. Nik Rodewald (10), FRA 18:12


MLK is scary good. And pretty darn young too. If MLK can pack up and get four of their guys together, they have a great shot. However, their 5 man is at an 18:25. At state, that will be a lot more than the 2 places it was at Region. Anyone that wants to beat MLK is going to have to put guys up near the top, and then stack the gap in order to win. Better yet would be stacking the time gap between Graves and Gilbreath, a gap of 50 seconds. MLK is very good, but vulnerable. An interesting note that I am sure you all noticed: no at large bids from Region 5.

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And I like all your talk about Maryville being the studly team, then you go and rock them at region.



Maryville actually did well when you consider that their 2nd runner was running with mono, their 3rd was out with mono, and their 5th and 6th are out with injuries. Their 4th also missed 3-4 weeks in August and is just getting back to where he was at last year.

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    • Yes. Very lethal, especially her step back game.  Very good at getting separation.  She'll be a big fish in a small pond at unaka.  North Greene has a very good post.  She's a double double every game.  The other 4 are solid.  Abingdon has the best post I've seen so far.  
    • Pencil them in for Black Friday due to the district 7 and region 8 being weak. Pearl-Cohn is still the favorite out of the Regions 5/6 but there are much better suitors to potentially eliminate PC compared to the suitors trying to eliminate Haywood.
    • Yea I agree! June means nothing especially if you don’t make it past region! Champions are made in March not June. 
    • Was the transfer that Unaka got the shooting guard from Elizabethton?  We played Betsy once last year, and seems like she hit about 4 threes against if it's the one I'm thinking about.  I did see somewhere this spring she had an NLI deal.
    • Yes I was there.  I thought we played pretty good against you guys.  We were without our starting point guard who tore an acl back in February.  She is definitely our best overall player especially defensively.  I also got to see your all state player against Hampton.  She's got one of the best finishing games I've seen at this level.  I really enjoyed the gate city camp.  It's laid back and fun.  I have twins on the team #1 and #21.  
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