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William blount host lenior city week 1

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7 hours ago, Shadroach said:

Last night is proof there is plenty of talent at WB. All the bs of "we just don't have the athletes like other schools" was proven wrong. What we do not have is the Coaching, AD and  Administration other schools have.


Heres The Shadroach breakdown:

O Line  C+

Above average run blocking below average pass blocking. This squad by far is the most improved unit on the team. Visually obvious they're aggressive and playing with a chip on their shoulder. 

Coaching: B

Coaching Tip:Work on pass blocking drills. Explain responsibilities. Work on technique and mechanics.


Runningbacks  B+

Backs hot and cold hitting the holes but mostly hot. 27 runs like a man! 9 tends toshuffle and dance sometimes at the line. You're not a speed back 9 but you have great strength so hit the hole. You gotta believe it'll be there! If not make it yourself. 

Coaching:  A-

Coaching Tip: Mix in runs to the outside, Sweeps and Option. Wait! Scratch the option our QB can't run. 


Receivers  A-

Great hands all night long! Aggressively fought for ball possession.Made majority of catches of passes that were wobblers, under thrown and jump balls. New receivers still need to be coached up on technique and route running but looked good overall.

Coaching:  A

Coaching Tip: Wide Outs slow off the snap. Don't use their hands at the line to create separation. Most position depth on team. Use it.


QB  Grade:  D

89 Passing Yards

Neg Yards Rushing

8-19 Passing 42% Completion Ratio

1 Reception,  2 if you count the LC INT in the whole 2nd half.

Zero Points in 2nd half

Zero Passing TD's

Zero completed passes 30+ yards

Zero pass attempts 30+ yards in game

Enough said. Would NOT start on most H.S. JV squads

Coaching grade: Incomplete. Failed Course

Coaching Tip: QB tryouts Monday at 4:00 All welcome including members of the Band and Glee Club.


Overall Offensive Coaching Grade:  C

A in first half F in second half.

Coaching Tip: Changed successful game plan at halftime. Old school coaching says "Don't fix it if its not broke! No excuse for ZERO earned first downs in a half.


D Line   B-

Aggressive and showed heart when the chips were down. Pass rush was non existent.  Line got shuffled on pass plays allowing QB to tuck and run for first downs. Played lights out on run plays. Hard licks aplenty. 


Coaching Grade:  C

Coaching Tip: Work on pass rush skills. Rips Swims Stunts. Standing straight up doesn't feed the bulldog.


End Of Part 1

If you keep this up SR you might just single handedly fix WB.

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8 hours ago, Shadroach said:

Grey It just boils my blood to see the school let down these athletes that put hours and hours into this sport and the leadership from the top to the bottom doesn't take it serious. When I say the Administration the AD the Coaches I mean it. My perspective on the Admin is if a Teacher or a Janitor or a Lunch Lady did as poor a job they'd be fired. I think the AD position is just an honorary position at WB. A real AD noticing the football teams struggles should be at EVERY practice watching, meeting with the coaching staff on their plans for improvement, getting input from parents and boosters etc. That does not happen. Instead he tells people "We just don't have the athletes other schools have". What a load of kerrap. Its a 6A school!!! You have over 1,000 boys in the halls. As far as Shaddiggley goes he has the skills to create State Champion teams. He's done it before but it appears like a lot of men when they're at the end of their career they lose the eye of the tiger and are just putting in time. He's found a spot where the bar is low, theres minimal expectations and no pressure. I wish the Administration would assign him a teaching position and find a coach thats hungry to build a program build men from boys build school pride. All the materials have been delivered to the jobsite now all we need is a builder to erect The House Of Blount.

You are over the target sir

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I finally got the time to watch the replay on this game last night. The thing WB has got to do is clean up the penalties. It cost them one touchdown in the first half. That was a great pass completion across the middle to set up the last second field goal before half. The defense reminded me of the Maryville game where the other team drove the ball deep but played tough inside the ten. In the second half WB only had one first down and that was because LC jumped off sides. When I went to watch them in the spring they just completely ran out of gas and I wonder if they did the same thing Friday on offense. Are to many players playing both ways which will get you run over by teams with large numbers to choose from. Remember this is 6A not 2A. 

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