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WB Gov's Leadership Vacumn

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19 minutes ago, Red Rebels said:

I’m reading this on my phone and there is a Dyson ad right above SNB’s post. They’re watching everything we do, and it’s not Big Brother, it’s Big Business!


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6 hours ago, Shadroach said:

Willie, You're overlooking facts in favor of kissing up to the Power Brokers. It was raining. FACT. It was raining on LC also. They moved the ball. They passed the ball, also a FACT. Shad depended heavily on The D. FACT. Shad had no choice but to depend on the D because The O went 3 and out every time. Remember? Zero first downs? FACT! Offense isn't good enough yet. NOT A FACT. Are they good yes special no. Turn on your football brain a second, Imagine if you will/can the WB offense with LC's QB. Add 100 yards rushing and I'd estimate 2 more scores. The world turns and football has changed. A pocket passer is almost a thing of the past.  A mobile or Wildcat QB is the key to success. You're adding a whole new dimension to the opposing D Coordinators game plan. That doesn't just effect his game scheme it effects his practice time in prep week. He MUST que his defense up to be able to defend him. Unlike our coordinator Friday a "spy" would be assigned in the middle to defend against a QB run. That creates one less pass defender. Add the dimension of a QB that can chuck the ball 50+ yards and now the safties aren't cheating up smothering the run. Add a QB that could run the option and take some pressure off the Oline, add another 50+ yards of O. I could go on with fundamental theories for 9 pages but to summarize my response to your post WB Offense is on track. We just need to make basic adjustments. Nothing crazy or fancy. Basic. As far as winning or losing to AC let'r rip! If we get beat lets get beat by a better team NOT a better coach. If you get whupped by the neighborhood bully at least make his mama ask him where he got that shiner.

Willie give thinking for yourself a try instead of drinking The Shadaid.

Don't be so " Chippy" Shadroach

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